Everything You Need To Know Before Getting a Keratin Hair Treatment

Everything You Need To Know Before Getting a Keratin Hair Treatment

Keratin hair treatment has been the buzz around lately. During our daily schedule, our hair is the hardest thing for us to be maintained with constructive and restrictive time. Keratin hair treatment is an umbrella term for the hair problems like hair frizz, and dryness, and also gives you soft curls and shiny smooth hair, no longer having to use heat styling.

Nowadays, we hear everyone talking about keratin hair treatment. While maintaining our hair is the most time-consuming and productive task in our daily schedule, keratin treatment aids a one-stop solution for this. An all-encompassing solution for hair issues like frizz and dryness, keratin hair treatments also give you lovely soft and lustrous, smooth hair while removing the need for heat styling anymore

What is keratin?

In human hair, keratin is a protein that naturally exists. It comprises about 91% of our hair. The amount of keratin reduces with time as a result of heat styling, pollution, aging, chemical treatments, and proper hair care. As a natural outcome, we lose the natural shine and gloss, and our hair becomes harsh, dry, and coarse losing its natural luster. Keratin hair treatments are now the go-to solution to overcome this. Your hair is given a layer of protein (keratin) during the treatment, which strengthens and manages them.

In layman’s terms, this procedure involves replacing missing protein in your hair and helping to reconstruct the hair shaft. This treatment is becoming more and more popular among ladies and is a far better option than chemical hair smoothening or straightening.

Is keratin safe?

Given that they have a natural component, keratin treatments are safe. While the other treatments include chemicals and certain other additives, that can severely harm your hair. Therefore, choosing a keratin treatment is better and more necessary as it moisturizes your hair shafts and can also encourage development.

What sets keratin apart from permanent hair straightening and rebonding?

Both are quite different treatments, and the outcomes are also very varied. The purpose of keratin is to soften, smoothen, and maintain your hair healthily. Your hair won’t be poker straight and will still have natural and soft hair. In contrast, rebonding or permanent hair straightening modifies the chemical structure of the hair to provide poker-straight results.

Can you have a keratin treatment on colored hair?

Yes, you can have keratin treatment for colored hair. The only downside is a potential little fading of your color.

The ideal time to dye or tone your hair is after a Keratin hair treatment. This is due to Keratin’s ability to lighten hair by 1-2 tones. If you have a coloring procedure before Keratin, your hair may turn out much lighter than you had anticipated. Also, it is advised to give a gap of at least a week or two before getting hair colored after the keratin treatment.

How long does the keratin hair treatment process last?

Depending on the kind and length of hair, a keratin treatment usually requires a few sittings, each lasting between two to three hours.

Who should receive keratin treatment, and where?

Keratin works best on highly dry, frizzy, curly, and rambunctious hair types. The treatment is offered by NOIR salon, which has several outlets spread across Delhi. A treatment like keratin is told to be excellently carried out by the hair experts at NOIR salon.

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