Fashion as a form of self-expression

Fashion as a form of self-expression

“Clothing as a form of self-expression” this statement should be understood by everyone in society. You don’t need to depend on fashion only. But some researchers said our level of confidence depends on the clothes that we wear. Although it’s the fact that through our clothes. We can express our personality non-verbally with the help of our clothes. Every outfit indicates your different work and personality. We can say that style is better than fashion. You can style yourself with different styles with your different looks. 

 How would you express your personality with different styles?

There are different unique styles that will specify your work. You should follow the style not the fashion . Good style gives you confidence and enhance your personality.

We can differentiate style in different forms-

Formal wear

Formal look indicates your education, literacy and employment. Its up to you, how you style yourself and enhance your personality. Formal style can be for both students and office. This really makes you more strong with mind. Boys can give them formal look only by following this-



Casual wear 

Isn’t it is feel good when you listen to the word casual wear. Casual wear (or casual attire or clothing) is a Western dress code that is relaxed, occasional, spontaneous and suited for everyday use. Casual wear reflects the sign of party. When you are going to party youn wear casual wears like floral shirt men, printed shirts for men with jeans or if you are going for a trip you can style yourself with joggers or co-ord sets. 

How to style yourself uniquely or different?

Everyone had a sense of unique, casual or different looks. If you want to make your style more unique then go ahead. This article can really help you out. All you have to do is more experimental. All this you can do by following this guideline-

You can style yourself with some printed and funky outfits. Which will make your personality cool. You can also feel comfortable in that outfit.

Choose a unique shape. Most shirts, pants, and dresses come standard, but you can play with shapes to stand out. For example, if you always wear short dresses, try a maxi dress. Instead of wearing a typical winter coat, try a peacoat that has a different length

Your clothing style expresses your ethnicity

Your ethnicity is an enormous part of your identity. It defines you to a great extent, along with your beliefs, nationality, and of course, your personality, interests, and hobbies. While there are numerous ways to show your national pride and tell the world who you are, fashion is undoubtedly the most effective way. People make assumptions and form opinions and first impressions of us in a matter of minutes, so your looks get to speak before you get a chance to. Therefore, utilizing fashion to tell your story and take pride in your ethnic background is a great way to give others a glimpse into who you are, not to mention that it greatly helps you keep your tradition and beliefs alive.

Hence, today we’ll be exploring all the ways in which you can speak without words – and let your original clothing do the talking.


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