Flutter v/s Kotlin, Which You Should Choose For Cross-Platform Apps?

Flutter v/s Kotlin, Which You Should Choose For Cross-Platform Apps?

Clients come up with different requirements and specific needs for developing their business-specific platform applications. In more than our decade of experience as the top Flutter App Development Company, whenever there is thought of developing a flutter application there would be not any moment when you will not discuss its rival i.e. Kotlin.

Some domains require speed while some require performance and enhanced user retention. The parameters of distinguishing between both the frameworks or technologies are quite different. But to make you land on a decision, we at B2C Info Solutions the leading provider of Flutter app development services or flutter application services bring to you a post that can really help you. So make sure you read it at the end.Kotlin VS Flutter: Overview

What is Flutter?

Google Introduced Flutter, an open-source Development Toolkit (SDK) in 2015 to develop mobile apps, web apps, and desktops from a single codebase.  Flutter overcame challenges that the developers used to face earlier. Top Brands like Google, The New York Times, and Alibaba are already using flutter.  The reason that this framework is used to its significant features and no need to code again and again.

What is Kotlin?

Back in 2011, Jetbrains a software development company first founded the Kotlin programming language by using which developers can share data, code, and business logic across Android, and iOS.

Though the concept of using kotlin programming language for cross-platform is quite new but some famous brands like chalk, Autodesk, are already using it.

Flutter App Development Company

Kotlin VS Flutter (Points of Comparison)

The factors of comparison you should look at are:

  1. Performance
  2. Popularity
  3. UI Experience
  4. Testing support
  5. Integration
  6. Minimum Supported platform
  7. Documentation
  8. Learning Curve
  9. Time to market
  10. Use cases

When to Choose Kotlin and When to Choose Flutter?

Choose Kotlin when

  • Your app size is too large and you want to build an attractive cross-platform app for your business
  • You want to begin with a new Android Project or you want to update an existing one.
  • You want to write server-side code in Kotlin with your current ongoing project.

Choose Flutter When

  • You want to build a solution that is cost-efficient and consumes less time
  • You want to build a prototype or MVP
  • You either want to build a small, medium, or large mobile application where you can expect increased engagements.

Final Words

Flutter and Kotlin are both distinct in their approach and are dependable for developing cross-platform and native apps. So now it all depends on your specific requirements to choose between the two.

And if you are having the idea to develop a flutter app for your business then let us tell B2C Info Solutions is here to help you out. Just connect with our experts today. We have great team of expertise which help you to solve your all problems related to your apps and website. Hurry up and grab best deals and offers.

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