Food Packaging Trends to Watch out for in 2022 and Beyond!

Food Packaging Trends to Watch out for in 2022 and Beyond!

What looks good, sells more. Marketers cannot ignore this fact. If we talk about the food industry, the appearance of the packet plays an elementary role in persuading a buyer to go for a particular product. Therefore, food manufacturers are working closely with designers and food packaging experts to come up with product packaging ideas that are practical and attractive.

Food packaging is important not just from a marketing perspective; it also impacts the quality of the product stored inside and increases the shelf life.

Having said, let’s look at the food packaging trends to watch out for in 2022 and beyond:

Tech-enabled packaging

Manufacturers are now embedding technology into packaging to provide more security, information, and convenience to customers. For example, many products now come with printed QR codes that buyers can scan to get more product istanbul escort information.

Clear labelling

Research revealed that 38% of consumers are ready to buy newly launched products with clear information on the packet. That’s the power of clear labelling. Nowadays, the food packaging industries are paying attention to this aspect. They are ensuring that every detail is there on the product packaging.

Emotional engagement

Studies have proved that emotions impact the purchase decisions of consumers. Therefore, many brands opt for emotional content to connect with their consumers. If we take the example of a soap called Dove, the brand portrays the soap as a women-only soap, and the ads are centered around making women feel beautiful in their skin.


Personalised packaging is the new catch among the new generation. That’s why leading cold drink brands and wafers makers are launching their products with personalised messages, gifts and other ideas. This will give a massive boost to the sale.

Vintage designs

When people see a vintage design, people feel nostalgic and it makes them happy thinking of the old times. Vintage designs are liked more by millennials because they have not seen that era.


Gone are the days of packages with a lot of designs and colours. Minimal design is the newly found love of marketers. Any food product with simple design and clear labelling is liked by consumers. It also reduces the printing cost.

Quality of food packaging

In addition to designs, food brands have to ensure high-quality of food packaging materials for the following reasons:

  • To protect food from contamination
  • To improve the shelf-life of the product
  • To protect food from physical damage
  • To maintain freshness of the food
  • To prevent food tampering

Food packaging is not just for manufacturers and big brands

Even if you are a restaurant or a takeaway shop, it is necessary to look at the food packaging quality. Most restaurants use aluminium containers to pack food, which is a good choice for many reasons. Aluminium containers look clean, retain heat, and are recyclable. Food outlets can make the packaging more personalised by using tapes that have their names printed, packing the containers in a branded bag, or sending a thank you card with every order. These small gestures can go a long way in getting more customers to your food brand.

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