Fundamental Skills Essential For A Security Guard

Fundamental Skills Essential For A Security Guard

What qualities and skills make someone you’d trust with your family or life? Our security guard company says that most people don’t realize the true meaning of professional protection officers.

It goes beyond a scary stare and a gun. Licensure requires more than just the minimum requirements.

Resistance And Composure

This job requires a high degree of observation, constancy, and physical condition, especially when dealing with fire, alarm, or other emergencies.

Respect For The Rules

A mobile security guard must be mindful of the need to respect the profession’s rules and the collective agreements to provide smooth mobile security services. Maintaining certain ease of contact with the public, emergency services, and other people is essential.

Correct Expression

You must have basic communication skills to report facts to the police and the hierarchy.

Securing People And Goods

The mission of the security officer is to prevent, monitor, and protect property and people by following the laws and regulations in effect and the instructions given by his hierarchy.

It is also responsible for general surveillance, reception, access control, and site technical security.

Protect And Help

It detects intrusions and anomalies and manages them. He also performs appropriate safeguards, including personal assistance, diagnosis, and first aid actions.

Inform And Intervene

When an alarm goes off, the security guard will intervene at the request of authorized personnel. If the need for intervention is beyond his control, the security guard notifies the appropriate services or designated persons to end the problem.

He informs his hierarchy and the public security service (police or general gendarmerie), using a report, handwritten or computerized “handbook,” or radio communication after any intervention.

Social skills

The profession of a security officer is similar to that of a janitor. Agents must communicate well with all kinds of customers. They also need to work with the customer’s security personnel and staff.

An essential skill for a successful agent is building connections and establishing relationships that will allow him to do his job well. This includes being able to book a table at a busy restaurant without reservations, access to the tarmac, park right outside the front door, and so on.

Decision Making

Professional officers anticipate, plan, and consider every scenario. They can then quickly analyze the situation and determine the best course of action.

Observation Skills

Security guards must know their surroundings and understand what they see to determine the best course of action. This skill can be honed through experience.

However, preparation work can and should start in a classroom with case studies and videos from past events and scenario training.


To maintain a bodyguard’s professional image and professionalism, one must be physically fit. One must also be able to stand for long periods without sleeping, manage stress and defend clients in an emergency.

Self-Defense Skills

Anyone working in the protection industry should continue to learn self-defense skills. The best training programs will teach techniques to neutralize or control abusers, but they must be practiced regularly or useless.

Access To The Job

Security and surveillance officers are a profession that can be obtained from Level V training in security and Prevention (CAP, BEP).

Security guards must adhere to the training provided by their company before they can perform their duties. You may need to have a security guard certificate. Competition is required to be eligible for the firefighter job.

Conditions For A Security Guard

Safety requires it. The qualified security officer is responsible for performing his duties in companies and private or public entities such as shopping centers, gated communities guard, sports facilities and social, cultural, and tourist facilities, leisure parks, gardens, open spaces, bus and train stations, airport, maritime.

Appoint The Manager

A security company that provides security and prevention services often employs a security officer. A direct line manager can place him under his authority (operations manager or sector manager, operations assistant, etc.). Or he can be delegated (team leader or shift manager, site manager, etc.

Surveillance Skills

Stop intrusions, vandalism, or fire at any site (parking lots, warehouses, marquees and stores, office buildings, etc.). It adapts to its intervention methods.

He inspects the designated areas on foot, in a car, behind a remote surveillance camera monitor, or even with a dog. He can perform surveillance rounds at different times, depending on the case.


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