Get wanted to know about cake smash photography? Let’s take a look!

Get wanted to know about cake smash photography? Let’s take a look!

Cake can be your little one’s first introduction to the gooey goodness of Cake. Of course, someone younger and a baby might not care; how often has a baby enjoyed a box more than a present at Christmas? But birthdays are the perfect age to introduce a cake! So, check who provides the best cake smash photography near me.

 Enjoy the great Cake smash photography of your baby!

 The bathroom scene is an often overlooked benefit of first birthday cake photography (especially in a studio). Of course, every little one-year-old needs a bath, but this way, you can enjoy your little one’s bath time knowing that the mess after the crash will be thoroughly cleaned up by… someone else, for once. Cake smash photography is done around a baby’s first birthday between 11 and 12 months; the photos can then be used for party invitations, party display boards, or just the perfect way to celebrate your baby’s first birthday or the picture.

Colors and decoration make Cake smash photography more attractive!

Outdoor photography requires everything natural and bright, such as flowers, animals, etc. The nature theme is perfect for adventurous families. But, of course, when it comes to character or animal themes, you have a lot of exciting possibilities limited only by your imagination for Cake smash photography! Among the most popular themes for girls are Unicorn, Mermaid, and Princesses Disney characters. Boys generally like being sent to space, playing with cars, and being surrounded by famous superheroes. And remember – there are no indeed ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ themes – pick something your little one is most excited about and put a smile on their little face.

Colors that work well together are

  • Pink/Yellow/Blue/White
  • Gold/Red/Black
  • Navy/Silver
  • Navy/Pink
  • Purple/Orange/Turquoise
  • Grey/Orange/Blue
  • Black gold
  • Navy/Gold
  • Black/Pink/Gold

Outdoor Cake smash photography gives a more appealing look!

The Cake smashes photography session is a beautiful mess. Some recommend shooting outdoors for an extra dose of playfulness, which can be much easier to clean up. However, taking pictures of cakes indoors and outdoors has its pros. One of the advantages of outdoor cakes is the ease of cleaning, whether with a hose, wet wipes, paper towels, or something else. It’s even better if the location you choose for your photos has a kiddie pool – cleaning up can be fun too!

  1. Outdoor cake smash photography can be more playful and fun.
  2. With all the beauty outside, props are mostly unnecessary.

The indoor Cake smash photography session!

You control what distracts your child. Inside, you can choose settings to avoid interference. Getting to know the surroundings can be another option for the indoor cake smasher. If you decide to shoot in your home, you will be very familiar with your surroundings, including places with the best lighting, minor distractions, and where the child is happiest. For example, studio indoor Cake smash photography often involves a scene in the bathtub instead of an outdoor shot where you’ll have to clean up your child with minimal means.

What things must you need for cake smash photography?


Props are a must for cake smash photography. You can add balloons, ribbons, confetti, or even toys to help add vibrant color and visual interest to your photo shoot. In addition, you can use props around the home, such as framed pictures, stools, and bean bag cushions.


An adorable birthday outfit is a must for cake photography. However, opt for something plainer, like a white dress or a simple top and bottom, as they will get dirty by the end of the shoot anyway. Many parents even choose to have their children wear plain diapers. However, putting your child in a onesie for the shoot would also be a great option.


You can find the perfect baby girl or baby boy Cake smash backdrop to complete your Cake smash photo shoot. The background sets the tone and theme of the shoot. 

Natural lighting makes amazing your baby cakes smash photography.

Natural lighting is a great way to capture your cake smash photography. Photography. If you’re doing this shoot from home, natural lighting will help you illuminate the space flatteringly without spending extra money on professional lighting. However, if you want to book a professional session, this is also a great option to capture your child in a good light. You can opt for neutral or vibrant colors and patterns to create the perfect atmospheric set.



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