Gifts For The Wine Lover? 7 Wine Accessories To Choose From

Gifts For The Wine Lover? 7 Wine Accessories To Choose From

Are you looking for the best gift for a wine lover? It’s a great giveaway that your recipient loves wine since there are many different wine-related gifts around the world. Whether it’s for their birthday or other celebration, wine accessories will never let you down.

Usually, wine lovers don’t say it out loud. You’ll notice how often they drink wine. For instance, if you’ve seen that person in Spanish restaurants or bars offering the best wines, it’s safe to say that they’re a wine lover.

So once you confirm that, you can now move on to choosing the gift that can optimise the receiver’s wine experience.

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If you need some ideas, here are some wine accessories to choose from!

1. Automatic wine opener

Have you experienced opening a bottle of wine? Did you also have a hard time unscrewing the cork? If you’re not a pro, you might have a hard time opening a bottle of wine using a regular corkscrew. What’s worse is if you managed to break the cork into pieces and they’re incorporated with the wine.

But although wine lovers may seem to know the drill, it’s still a thoughtful gesture to give them an automatic or electric corkscrew. Besides, it’s not every day that they enjoy opening wine the traditional way.

Additionally, an automatic corkscrew is a must-have for wine lovers and alcohol drinkers. It would be a helpful tool whenever they host a party or wine tasting.

2. Wine cooler

A wine cooler is another must-have tool for wine lovers and enthusiasts. If they want to keep their wine close to them, it’s a great gadget to keep the wine cool and delicious.

Before, wines are usually chilled in a bucket with ice. However, nowadays, investors developed another tool to keep wines fresh and crisp.

Wine coolers come in many different shapes and sizes, so it’s up to you to pick the best design. But the main purpose of the wine cooler is to cover almost the entire bottle of wine and keep it chilled even when you’re pouring the wine. That way, you won’t be needing a bucket of ice which can sometimes get complicated because of the water.

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3. Cheeseboard

A wine tasting or a simple Friday night won’t be complete without the charcuterie board. It’s a plus if you’re going to include the cheese, cold cuts, and crackers in your gift, but the board alone will suffice.

Once a bottle of wine has been opened, it’s impossible not to see a couple of cheeses and crackers on the table.

Another good thing about a cheeseboard or charcuterie board as a gift is that a wine lover can never have too many. Since cheeseboards offer various shapes and sizes, they can still be used depending on the size of the crowd.

4. Classy glasses

Just like the cheeseboard, a wine glass is also another go-to gift for wine lovers. For other people, wine glasses may look all the same, but not for wine lovers.

Similar to other enthusiasts, they also have everyday glass, birthday glass, and very special glass. Who knows, if you give them a fancy wine glass, it can turn into the receiver’s favourite one.

However, you can also give them a lot of regular classes that they can use for parties and wine-tasting nights.

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5. Wine rack

Looking for something decorative and useful at the same time? Why not give them a wine rack? A wine rack usually holds different wine bottles and glasses. It depends on the size that you prefer, but the recommendation is that it can hold at least a couple of wine bottles and half a dozen of glasses.

Wine racks also have a lot of variations. It can be foldable or the ones you can assemble. But whatever your preference is, it’s guaranteed that the receiver will appreciate it.

6. Wine stopper

Did you know that you can still consume leftover wine? All you need is a wine stopper. For instance, you had a tough day and you just need a glass of wine. Instead of forcing yourself to drink the entire bottle, you can just save the rest for another day.

Wine stoppers come in many different quirky and classy designs. So it’s up to you to choose the one that suits the receivers.

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7. Wine subscription

For instance, instead of going to Spanish restaurants and other bars, gift your friend with a wine subscription. Nowadays, since a lot of businesses offer monthly subscriptions, it’s not surprising that you can also subscribe to a regular supply of wine.

It depends on the preference of the receiver, but there are some online wine shops that let you take a short quiz to identify the best wine for you. So if you want to know your friend’s preference, you can send them the quiz.

On the other hand, if you want it to become a surprise, you can just observe what type of wine your friend usually orders.


Finding a gift can sometimes be overwhelming, but it’s helpful if there are some things you know about the person. Let us know the gift you’ve chosen by leaving a comment below!


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