GP Rating Sponsorship: An exquisite course with many possibilities

GP Rating Sponsorship: An exquisite course with many possibilities

GP Rating course is an abbreviation for General Purpose Rating course. It is a pre-employment training course that even 10th grade kids may pursue after school! This training will assist one in establishing a career in the Merchant Navy. Students who desire to pursue an interesting and adventurous profession may consider taking this course. Jobs obtained after finishing the GP Rating course are also financially beneficial! Various companies are sponsoring the GP rating courses for added benefits. One should understand the fact that gp rating sponsorship comes with various benefits and this is the reason why people are interested in sponsoring it.  In this article, we will look at the General-Purpose Rating course in depth, including fundamental course information, scope, employment options after finishing the programme, compensation information, eligibility requirements, and medical standards. We will also look at the reason why companies are interest in sponsoring it.

Important aspects about GP rating course and its sponsorship:

Primary information about the course: 

The course will last 6 months. It is a pre-employment training course. The GP Rating course focuses on preparing cadets for two major professions in the maritime industry: deck crew and engine crew. Individual courses are provided for the Deck and Engine Rating programmes. However, GP Rating combines the two and educates both candidate Deck and Engine Rating components! Cadets will be provided information and abilities linked to themes such as ship machinery, swimming, fire prevention and safety technology, first AID, basics of sea, ship familiarisation faring, and so on as part of the training.

Educational qualifications:

The minimum educational requirement is a 10th grade diploma (from a Recognized Board). Applicants with additional advanced educational degrees are also encourage to apply. This also implies that students in their tenth and twelfth grades may enrol in this course!

Medical requirements:

Candidates must be physically and medically fit, according to Merchant Shipping regulations. They should  physically fit for a seafaring profession. The required eyesight is 6/6 in both eyes (unaided vision). Additionally, the candidate should not be colorblind.

Age limit:

As previously stated, the candidate’s age is also take into account throughout the admission procedure. It must between the ages of 18 and 25.

Salary and scope:

After finishing the GP Rating course, one can serve as a Deck or Engine crew member on a ship. After 36 months of sea service, one may sit for the 2nd Mate Examination and advance to the rank of Officer. One can advance through the ranks with more sea duty and tests (oral and/or written). Salary requirements varies depending on whether the ship is a merchant navy ship or an entertainment cruise, for example. Typically, it is about 20-30k Rupees in the outset.

Advantages of sponsorship:

After enrolling in this company, there is a huge scope for earning enormous money in this. It is recommended to undergo training through a reputed firm that holds proficiency in training individuals for this course.


This article will provide clarity in the minds of the readers about the various aspects of sponsorship for gp rating.


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