Gutter Cover Installation: Tips for gutter cover installers

Gutter Cover Installation: Tips for gutter cover installers

Like any manual labor, the gutter cover installation comes from the most basic idea: People want to do something other than the job themselves because it takes a lot of effort. Given that you have chosen to capitalize on this fact and chose it as a career, more is needed to go ahead and install gutter covers on your clients’ roofs.

The following guidelines would serve as a walkthrough for installers who wish to maximize their effort, time, and profit.

Condition of Gutters and Roof

No matter how perfect the gutter cover installation service is if the gutters and the roof are not in reasonable condition before the installation, the gutter covers will be useless. New houses often do not have these problems, but these should be thoroughly noted for old houses.

  • Scan the roofing for broken shingles and loose nails, if any.
  • The gutters should have no holes and should be thoroughly cleaned before installation.
  • Make sure that the downspout is clear.
  • The gutter’s pitch should be suitable to ensure that the water goes down the gutter perfectly.

Proper Gutter Cover Installation

After ensuring that the gutters and the roof are in perfect condition, the following steps would help make the installation faster, making the gutter covers more effective.

Installing the roof rather than on a ladder is highly recommended because it is faster.

During the installation, make sure that you make the clip straight. You must drill it down slowly to prevent the clips from moving.

When pulling up shingles, ensure you only pull them up a little. A small slit would do to insert the gutter covers. Pulling it up too much and inserting the gutter cover so much inside would result in rusting and thus damage both the roofing and the gutter covers, making them less effective.

It is also advisable to start the installation from one edge to the next.

Choosing the Gutter Cover

Besides the preparation and the installation done right, choosing the perfect gutter cover is the central part that needs notice. Homeowners usually entrust the choice of which gutter covers will be installed to the installer.

This gives the installers the full power to create win-win results. The following tips are a few properties that gutters covers should have to maximize effectiveness. Thus this result in client satisfaction.

Effective gutter covers would mean not having to come back and answer to faulty gutter covers to do some fixing, cleaning, or worse, a refund. An effective gutter cover installation would also result in clients’ commendation to other people they know and thus entail more projects for you.

Avoid Screens and Mesh

Regardless of how fancy these gutter cover companies present their patented mesh designs, holes would allow tiny particles such as small acorns, pine needles, fuzzy strings, and the like to fall and pile up down the gutter, which may result in clogging. Mesh and screens are also very prone to icing, which gives problems to homeowners.

No matter what kinds of trees or plantations are around the house, as well as whatever type of climate the location offers, it is the recommendation that the gutter cover you choose has a solid design.

Use Stainless Steel Screws

Without further explanation, using a gutter cover with stainless steel screws is the perfect option because these screws stand the test of climate and time. Rusting the screws would result in rusting of the gutter covers, the gutter, the shingles, and the list. As an installer, you would never want that.

Avoid Snap-In Gutter Cover Installation

There are gutter covers with designs, so installing them won’t require screws. Instead, they would snap into place. This is often are the easiest and fastest way of installation that even house owners could do themselves.

Gutter cover companies that do these types of gutter covers boast that they are easy to install and remove for cleaning. Installers should point out that the ease and speed of carrying out by these gutter covers give the same comfort and speed of tearing down with the test of climate and time.

Now that the client satisfaction part is under discussion, it is high time that the gutter properties that would prove advantageous for installers need to address.

Low Price, High Quality

Gutter cover companies such as Hallett Gutter Cover offers good deals for contractors. These gutter covers have the properties that are needed for efficient gutter cover installation. Since installation usually costs per foot, a gutter cover brand such as this one is even half the price of most gutter covers allowing installers to gain more profit.

They sell their gutter covers per 100 ft. but may break them down if an installer orders a few more boxes.

Reliability with Gutter Cover Installation

An installer’s gutter cover provider must be reliable. It is advisable to ensure that the chosen gutter cover company has perfect inventory management. It should also deliver on the same day. Gutter cover companies always have a stock of their gutters available in 10 colors.

There is such a massive inventory at these companies that it would only matter if you ordered boxes of gutter covers. Each box contains a different style. In the end, your work on these installations will show how good of an installer you are. These tips will make you famous as an effective, quick, and profitable installer.

So, Keep the Following Tips in Mind:

Whether you are a professional installer or just someone who wants to install gutter covers in your home. They’ll help make the installation process go as smoothly as possible. Will also ensure that your gutters are under protection from debris and water damage.

Have you opted for gutter cover installation service before? If so, what tips would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments below!!

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