Haircut Services At Great Clips

Haircut Services At Great Clips

Great Clips Downtown Center is open from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. today.

The Great Clips Rochester Mn provides haircuts for men, women, children, and seniors. They offer custom hairstyles as well as beard trimming.

Men’s Haircuts

Are you looking for a men’s haircut in your area? Our stylists at Great Clips Rochester Mn are here to help you. Our stylist’s given training in various men’s haircuts and provides you with the style you desire at an affordable price. Are you unsure what you’re going to look for?

Our hairdressers will give you a personal consultation before each trim and will be happy to assist you in trying to find the perfect haircut you’ve been searching for. Whether you choose a fade, crew cut, undercut, or whatever, our hair stylist will make your vision a reality. Great Clips is the preferred hair salon for men.

Haircuts For Women

We committed to providing expert haircuts to Great Clips Rochester Mn women. Our stylists offer bobs, blunt cuts, bangs, layers, and other fashionable women’s haircuts.

The expert hair stylists at your local Great Clips salon will delight to make your hair dreams a reality. If you are unsure about the style of haircut you want, obviously consult with a Great Clips stylist.

Walk-ins are welcome at all Great Clips locations in Rochester, Minnesota. Don’t put off discovering a great haircut in your neighborhood!

Hairstyles For Children

Children’s hair salons could be intimidating, but they don’t have to be. We’ve all been there, & we understand how stressful getting a child’s haircut can be. We, on the other hand, think that getting a kid’s haircut at Great Clips Rochester Mn should be fun! That is why our local hair salon experts are trained to provide our smallest clients with haircuts that will make them happy & eager to return.

Simply check in at a nearby hair salon or walk in. Come visit Fantastic Clips, where kids can have the same great hair salon experience as adults, and with a kid-friendly istanbul bakırköy escort bayan twist.

Hairstyles For Seniors

Haircuts for thin, thick, colored, and natural hair are available. Seniors can enjoy the same fantastic haircuts as everyone else at Great Clips. One of many reasons we considered one of the best Great Clips Rochester Mn hair salons.

MN refers to our stylists’ ability to perform with various hair types and textures. Don’t forget to discuss our senior discount with your stylist. Visit us at a Great Clips location near you.

Hair Styling Services

Do you really have a big event coming up? Great Clips hair salon professionals can style your hair in a variety of different ways, from an updo to French braids, to start making your special occasion stand out.

Services For Shampooing

Relaxing shampoo services are available at our Rochester, MN hair salon for people of all ages and hair types. We offer better haircare products from the good brands in our hair salons from across the country. Do you intend to use our items at home?

For more information, go to the Products page.

Beard Trimming Services

Do you have no idea how to trim a beard? At Great Clips Rochester Mn, your beard can be sculpted, tamed, & trimmed to complement local new haircuts. Book an appointment for just a new haircut & beard trim online.

Services For Bang & Neck Trimming

Our Outstanding Clips Great Clips Rochester Mn hair salon goes above and beyond to make sure that most of your hair is in excellent condition. Even if you’re in between haircuts, our stylists can keep you looking polished with a bang trim and neck cleanup. With a new haircut from our Rochester hair salon, you’ll look and feel great.

Great Clips Haircuts Crossroads Center Prices:

  • Haircut – $20
  • Child Haircut 10 & under – $18
  • Senior Haircut 65 & over – $18

Styling Your Hair

Hair Services:

  • Formal Style – $60
  • Regular Style – $20
  • Long Style – $30

Prices & services are subject to change or may differ depending on the region. Additional fees and taxes may apply.

Great Clips Online Check-In

You should add your name to the list from every location, allowing you to spend less time in the lobby and much more time at home or running errands. When you walk into the salon, your name will be near the top of the list! You can use Online Check-In to see the real-time predicted wait times so that you can plan accordingly.

Great Clips Walk-Ins

Yes! We are a walk-in-only salon, so come in & check-in (if you haven’t already done so by using Online Check-In), and then you’ll be taken back as soon because it’s your turn.

Great Clips Locations

offer men’s and women’s haircuts at one low price, with special offers for children & seniors You can get shampoo if you want. Great Clips hair stylists can provide neck trims, beard trims, & bang trims if you only need a quick touch-up.

Hair styling services are also available, including short, long, & formal styles.

No. We’re a walk-in-only salon dedicated to taking you in and out as quickly as possible with a quality haircut. Simply walk in or check-in online to save some time!

Great Clips Discounts & Coupon Alerts May Vary

There app’s inbox is used to send messages about national product special offers or the “My Great Clips” location(s) you’ve selected may use it to advertise local sales and Great Clips Coupons.

Great Clips Rochester Mn are franchised businesses that individually owned and operated; the majority of sales & coupon messages are made at the local level. As a result, depending on where you are, the timing & frequency of discounts or coupon alerts may vary.



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