How Can I Update My Booking on Calafia?

How Can I Update My Booking on Calafia?

For the allowance of the customers in updating their reservation even if some mistake has been committed while air ticketing, Manage Booking has been included on the Calafia Airlines espanol Telefono official site.

Still, there are some customers who come up with their complaints regarding issues in updating their reservations. It’s all because of the unawareness of the procedure to change the flight online. Nothing to be worried about yet, if you follow the below-mentioned sequence to change before the departure date.

Follow The Below-Mentioned Sequence

Step-1 Using the browser, you should go to the official site of Calafia Carrier Operators. 

Step-2 After you visit the official site, you should login to the site with your registered ID and Password.

Step-3 Then, choose the option, “My Flight” and click on the Manage My Booking option.

Step-4 Now, you will be directed to the next page.

Step-5 With this, you should complete the Manage My Booking Form with the Required details.

Step-6 Once you are done with Manage My Booking form, press the search tab.

Step-7 Furthermore, pick the trip that you want to change.

Step-8 Now choose the change option and continue with the on-screen prompts accordingly.

Step-9 Next, you might need to pay the difference amount or the fee for the change flight if required.

Step-10 Lastly, you will get the notification regarding Calafia Flight Change to your registered phone number and email id.

The same process you can follow while making the flight change via Calafia Airlines Mobile Application. In case, it seems tricky to you while changing the flight online, then switch to the offline options. 

Offline Option for Calafia Flight Change

There are two major options to update Calafia flight such as:


  • Customers should visit the same airport and head out to the same air ticketing agent.
  • Once reaching out to the air ticketing agent at the airport, customers are supposed to provide their booking details.
  • Furthermore, the users should make aware the experts about their required change on Calafia reservations.

Although you can seek instant work on your issues to change the flight via air ticketing agents at the airport. But it might be hectic for you to stand in a queue and for your turn. In that you can switch to the next extension.


  • To seek the number to connect with the experts over a call, you should visit Calafia Airlines Official Site.
  • With this, you should login to the official site via registered ID and password.
  • After that, you should scroll down the page and find the specified number mentioned under Customer Service.
  • While dialing the Calafia Airlines Telefono, one should attend the IVR details carefully.
  • According to the IVR, the users should press the key to choose the language.
  • Furthermore, one should press the key accordingly to pick the reason behind connecting with the experts at Calafia Airlines. 

Further Ways to Pass the Concern through the Experts at Calafia Airlines

One might not be able to connect with the experts over a call at times due to busy networks or any technical issues. Neither of them want to visit the same airport for Flight Change. In that case, the users are supposed to switch to the other extensions to share the concern to the experts at Calafia.

  • Whatsapp Messenger
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Email

While sending an email to the Calafia customer service executive, you should make sure to mention your contact details. So that you would get a call back from the airline on time and get assisted with the experts over a call as well. All these extensions are accessible, so whenever you come across the issues to change the flight online or via call switch to any of these options mentioned above.

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