How Can Software SAN Storage be Useful for Enterprises?

How Can Software SAN Storage be Useful for Enterprises?

There was a time when software storage solutions, such as SAN storage, were only considered to be used for the data which was not very crucial for the organizations. Back in the days, the common use cases for SAN storage was archival data or cold tier data.

However, this is not the case nowadays. The use cases for SAN storage solution are now increasing every day. These solutions have become more common than ever.

Enterprises are now relying more and more on SAN solutions for their mission critical data. This is because they offer easy usability and many other benefits.

Let’s have a look at some of the ways SAN solutions can be beneficial for the enterprises.

High Availability of Data with SAN Solutions

SAN solutions involve running of different algorithms like deduplication, encryption and etc. at the software level instead of hardware level. So, this makes it easy to control them via software from a central location. Now ,this does not mean that the hardware aspect of it is ignored. Hardware is also top performing.

This just means easy management of data, along with system wide access and control. This makes the data highly available, all the time.

Internet of Things

SAN solutions support Internet of Things (IoT) greatly thanks to them being cost-effective. This cost-effective feature of SAN solutions makes them a suitable option for businesses. How? Well it can easily store large amount of data generated by internet of things applications. And also other applications of the enterprise. SAN solutions prove to be cost-effective as they offer inexpensive solutions for storage of all sorts of data, big or small.

Support for Remote Data with SAN Solutions

Enterprises that store their data and back it up in a remote location or in a branch office need a SAN storage solution that offers great accessibility form virtually anywhere in the world. SAN storage solutions seem to be better than any other solution in this case as they offer easy usability and accessibility.

In such situations, data needs to be consolidated at a central location, so that it can be made accessible and available to the entire organization in the real time. All this is made possible thanks to SAN storage solutions. It is easier through a software SAN solution to access the data from a remote geographical location as compared to a traditional storage solution such as tape. This makes SAN solutions popular amongst many business owners.

Final Thoughts

Software storage solutions, such as SAN storage solutions offer many benefits and convenience for enterprises. These solutions are useful for a number of use cases, including all the ones in this article. They are simpler, flexible, scalable and desirable for the enterprises that need to be competitive in the industry. They are also cost-effective which make them a great option for businesses that want to adapt to modern data storage technologies.

Vendors like StoneFly offer SAN solutions of their own. They with their own storage software, that enables enterprises to make the most out of their data storage infrastructure in a very cost-effective manner.


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