How dirty is Your Kitchen Compared to Your Toilet?

How dirty is Your Kitchen Compared to Your Toilet?

The kitchen sink is the dirtiest part of the house according to the latest research. It is more likely to harbor disease-causing bacteria than the toilet bowl. We must seriously consider cleaning the kitchen sink and the entire kitchen in general since simply washing it isn’t enough as it leaves behind microscopic food particles that can breed harmful bacteria. You must consider more than just simply washing the sink as it leaves behind microscopically small food particles.

You believe that kitchens are almost sacred in Indian Culture. Keeping a clean kitchen is one of the things that every cook and housewife always thinks about. If you traditionally clean our kitchen, you might get a lot of dust and grease in the process. You need to disinfect and completely remove both dust and grease. Besides that, other things must be taken into consideration. To make your life more convenient, there have been some quick and easy kitchen cleaning methods provided here. You can easily utilize these quick and easy methods as they do not require too much effort from you in your daily life. Or else you can hire a professional kitchen contractor who could help you with the cleaning of your kitchen but make sure to avoid things when choosing a kitchen remodelling contractor.

To learn more about the kitchen cleaning methods, check the below details. 

Cleaning Kitchen Sink

You should always start with the sink. It is the dirtiest corner of the kitchen and should be cleaned thoroughly. Here are the steps to take to clean the kitchen sink.

  • Be sure all the utensils have been washed.
  • Pour hot water into the sink.
  • Block the drain, and add bleach.
  • Let it stand for a while, and then drain it.
  • Drain it and then clean it with fresh water.

You can also use eco-friendly kitchen cleaners instead of bleach. Just make sure that it is an eco-friendly kitchen cleaner.  

Cleaning Kitchen Floor

Your next priority should be to clean the kitchen floor. The kitchen floor gets dirty easily due to all activities that take place in the kitchen. And there might be grease stains on the floor that are difficult to remove. Initially, mop the kitchen floor with a disinfectant, and then sprinkle some washing soda on the stained area and scrub it. Then you should wipe it again. If you still have stains on the kitchen floor, you should mop it with a proper disinfectant and finish it by wiping it again. Or else you can hire a professional kitchen cleaning services to make your daily job end up on an easier note. What’s to say?

Cleaning Kitchen Counter

Like the kitchen floor, the counters can also be scrubbed clean by wiping them down and using a kitchen cleaner. However, you should consider the type of kitchen cleaner you are using this time. Make sure that it is eco-friendly. If you buy a cheap substitute instead, then you might instead end up cross-contaminating your kitchen rather than cleaning it. Therefore, it is preferred that you purchase the top kitchen cleaner available on the market.

Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets

To keep the kitchen cabinets as clean as they should be, use a solution of washing soda or vinegar once a month. You can simply dust them using a dust cloth every day.

Cleaning Kitchen Appliances

The kitchen is packed with electrical appliances, from an exhaust fan to a microwave, from a refrigerator to a toaster. Each appliance requires its cleaning procedure. If you want to clean the appliance on daily basis, you must use a vinegar solution or baking soda. Also, a simple brush must be used to clean the areas that you cannot reach with your wiping cloth.

If you follow these instructions, you will be able to clean the kitchen in less than 15-20 minutes, as well as avoid the difficult task of cleaning an ugly and messy kitchen. In the case of a messy kitchen and it is too late for you to resort to the daily cleaning methods to clean it, you might need to hire a professional. Because they are always at your service.


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