How does our body’s immune system work?

How does our body’s immune system work?

The body typically accumulates knowledge about the germ and how to combat it after initially coming into contact with a disease-causing pathogen. When it comes into contact with the germ again, it will immediately recognize it and be able to begin fighting it. Proteins are also present on the surfaces of the body’s cells. But normally, the proteins do not prompt the immune system to attack the cells. The immune system occasionally misinterprets the body’s cells as foreign ones. The body’s healthy, unharmed cells are then attacked. This is referred to as an autoimmune reaction.

Signs Of A Weak Immunity

  1. You become sick frequently and recover more slowly than normal.

If you experience sniffles and sneezes during two or three colds per year, don’t be frightened. Most folks return to normal in a week or so. However, if you frequently get colds that last for weeks or even suffer food poisoning, it may be because your innate immune system is responding slowly. Barriers created by your natural immune system prevent hazardous substances from entering your body. Consider it your first line of defence against any intruders or harm. Its elements consist of:

  • We can get rid of things that can annoy or infect us by coughing.

  • The body produces mucus, which serves as a trap for bacteria and other tiny particles and aids in their removal.

  • Microbes that enter through our food and drink are killed by stomach acid.

  1. You experience stress all the time.

Our immune system and general well-being can benefit from some types of stress. For instance, a short-term acute stressor, such as a traffic jam, is intended to assist your body in instantly boosting its defences. As a result, short-term acute stress has a positive impact on your immune system. On the other end of the stress spectrum, long-term stress can be harmful because it impairs immunological function and suppresses the immune system, increasing infection rates and delaying the healing of illnesses.

  1. You Experience Numerous Stomach Issues

Constipation, gas, or diarrhea regularly may indicate that your immune system is weak. According to research, the digestive tract houses approximately 70% of your immune system. The good bacteria and microbes that occupy your gut protect it from disease and strengthen the immune system. You may be more susceptible to viruses, ongoing inflammation, and even autoimmune diseases if you have low levels of these beneficial gut bacteria. Ayurvedic immunity products can enhance your gut health along with immunity.

  1. Your Injuries Take Longer to Heal

After a burn, cut, or scrape, your skin enters damage control mode. By delivering nutrient-rich blood to the wound to aid in the regeneration of new skin, your body works to protect the wound. Healthy immune cells are necessary for this healing process. However, your skin cannot rejuvenate if your immune system is unreliable. Instead, your injuries persist and are difficult to heal.

  1. You Constantly Feel Fatigued

You are aware that exerting yourself to the fullest will inevitably make you drained. But it’s worth wondering if your immune system is trying to tell you anything if you’re getting adequate sleep but are still feeling exhausted. Your energy level also decreases when your immune system is under stress. This is because your body is attempting to preserve energy so that it can power your immune system to combat pathogens. Ayurvedic immunity products make you feel energized.

Work Of Immunity Boosters

Immunity boosters operate by fortifying your body’s defences against germs that cause sickness. They accomplish this by either giving your body the nutrition it could be lacking or by assisting it in releasing specific chemicals and hormones that could lower your stress levels and aid in detoxification. Exercise frequently, sound sleep, nourishing diet, ayurvedic immunity products, and giving up unhealthy behaviours like smoking and binge drinking are a few examples of ways to enhance immunity.


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