How Does Primary Homework Help in Students’ Overall Growth?

How Does Primary Homework Help in Students’ Overall Growth?

Homework is in debate for so long; several people say it is good for a student, while others take it vice-versa. It can go a long way as both sides are right at their place. Many scholars feel that academic tasks give them an opportunity to excel. On the other hand, many students have a question who will do my homework?

So let us discuss both positive and negative effects to come to a conclusion.

Positive Impacts of Homework

There are various reasons why homework is looked at as a positive thing in a student’s life;

  • Time Management

While classwork focuses on clearing the concepts, homework, on the other hand, teaches time management techniques. It bounds a student in a limited time frame to complete their assigned tasks. It also makes them ready for the exams. During the homework completion, students find the answers on their own and remember them for a longer period.

  • Planning Skills

Homework helps a pupil plan things as they have enough to do other than completing a task. They have to plan their time and allocate it according to the needs of their co-curricular activities. This way, they also learn to develop planning skills that will help them throughout their life.

  • Prioritizing Tasks

Student life is full of confusion, as they have to decide what to do first and what they can leave for later. So, while doing homework, they learn the skill of prioritizing the important task first and so on.

  • Makes Them Perfect

It is a popular saying that practice makes a man perfect. Similarly, homework helps a student to be splendid in a particular subject. It allows them to revise the topic which they have learned in class.

  • Teaches Hard-work

Doing homework not only makes a student perfect in that particular topic, but it also teaches them to work hard. Finding solutions to the questions assigned as a task is challenging for a student and requires a lot of effort.

Now that you are acquainted with the positive side, let’s know its negative side.

Negative Impacts of Homework 

There are various reasons why homework is viewed as a negative thing in a student’s life.

  • Stressful Task

Many students find homework annoying. It creates stress in many ways, which includes the stress of completing the task on time. Secondly, for the wrong answers, they might have provided. These kinds of stress lead to unnecessary health problems such as anxiety, headache and stomach-related problems.

  • Lack of Confidence

Homework also leads to a decline in the confidence of students. When they are unable to find a solution to any question, they might lose their morale.

  • Imbalanced Life

Homework completion can also cause an imbalance in a student’s life. If they focus more on completing the tasks, they might not get time for their social life. It can create an issue for their future, as in the professional environment, all-rounder candidates are preferred more than those who only have knowledge of the subject.

  • Final Verdict

To come to a conclusion, one needs to consider a few points:

  • It teaches students the art of time management.
  • It allows a student to practice more to make them perfect.
  • It can cause stress and several other health problems.
  • It causes an imbalance in students’ lives.
  • It leads a student towards better grades.

As discussed above, one can say there are always two sides to everything, similarly, homework has them too. It is better to take it in a positive sense and take the most out of it. It will help you to complete it with a smile and save you from getting any health issues or imbalanced life. No doubt homework can change your whole life. Not only in a positive sense, but in a negative way too. One has to focus on how to reap its advantages, without facing any aftereffects. To do this, a student should forget the question, “Who will do my homework? as this is the first step that leads you away from an academic task. Rather they should focus on completing their tasks on time by themselves. 

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