How Grocery Delivery App Development Benefits Your Business

How Grocery Delivery App Development Benefits Your Business

The most difficult thing is getting groceries or food items which is why technology can assist people in overcoming this problem with online food applications. This is the reason apps for grocery delivery like Instacart as well as Walmart Grocery delivery have witnessed an increase in downloads in recent years.

An app for grocery delivery can satisfy the needs of food delivery efficiently and has become an essential part of the development of restaurant apps these days. It is preferential to have an app on demand in your physical brick-and-mortar Kirana shop to boost sales even when customers are at home.

It is possible to on demand grocery delivery app development to connect with new and existing customers quickly. You can dramatically boost sales while offering convenience and comfort to your customers.

Here are the top motives behind why apps that allow for on-demand shopping are gaining popularity these days.

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Reasons behind On-Demand Grocery Delivery Apps’ Growing Popularity

In this COVID-19-era the majority of people would prefer to receive groceries delivered to their doorstep. On-demand grocery delivery apps are able to fulfill this purpose in a safe and efficient manner. Here are some most important reasons for the increasing popularity of these apps.

Contactless Delivery

People tend to be prone to their social seclusion, they tend to avoid crowds and prefer to stay clear of any interaction with unidentified individuals. The online grocery delivery application development helps them get rid from any possibility of contamination when they receive groceries or food delivered to their doorstep. These delivery apps that are on demand offer a “No Contact” option that helps reduce the possibility of being directly in contact with delivery service.

Delivery personnel are always at a risk of contracting an illness due to the fact that they interact with many people on a daily basis. In addition to providing masks for facials and gloves, food retailers can keep their delivery personnel and customers secure by providing a service of delivery that is contactless. This is among the main reasons consumers are more inclined to use online grocery delivery applications.

Secure Payment, Swift Delivery

Other benefits include secure online payments and rapid delivery on the doorstep. The apps for on demand grocery delivery app development offer payment gateways that permit users to pay using a variety of methods, such as debit cards, credit cards as well as Mobile wallets. Furthermore when there’s an urgent need, customers are able to get delivery of food and groceries through these apps.

Today, the popularity of multi-delivery applications is on the increase. On-demand apps are develop to give users a better experience, while also increasing the convenience. It is a Mobile app developer that is able to combine two different services like delivery of food and groceries to develop multi-delivery apps. In the current COVID-19 pandemic multi-delivery apps are gaining popularity since they offer flexibility and ease of use in the form of a single application.

Multi-delivery applications are extremely efficient and reliable in meeting the customer’s grocery and food needs. It is simple to place food items orders with a single touch. Here are a few advantages of the app for multi-delivery.

Benefits of Multi-delivery App for Users:

* Food and grocery items in the same app

* Better delivery and ordering services

* Users can buy groceries and food simultaneously.

* Additional discounts coupons and promotions

How To Develop a Grocery Delivery Mobile App? Cost & Features

Top Features of Grocery Delivery Mobile Apps

As the COVID-19 virus grows rapidly, there is a sense of anxiety all over the globe. People are becoming more uneasy about visiting brick and mortar grocery stores. The reason is that physical contact with people or products may cause the spread of the virus.

Because of the digital revolution the grocery delivery apps are able to aid people in maintaining social distance. Here are the main characteristics of mobile grocery delivery apps. We will look at the capabilities of three different panels: delivery panel, user panel and the administration panel.

Major Features in User Panel


Users can sign up for their social media accounts or by the email address and the number. After registration, users can create a profile which includes their names, age, and the address of their residence.


This is perhaps the most significant characteristic for this food-on-demand app. It allows users to search or browse for different products across various categories.

Shopping Cart: Another feature that is essential. Similar to an eCommerce app the grocery app requires an online shopping cart. The grocery app provides the “Add to Cart option for customers to add items that they wish to purchase in the future.

Payment Gateway

It allows users to pay using a variety of payment methods such as PayPal, Stripe, credit/debit cards, and others.

Delivery Schedule and Order Tracing

Customers can place orders for food or groceries according to their preferred time using this feature. It is possible to schedule delivery to ensure delivery of items. This is because the tracking of orders feature allows customers to keep track of their orders.


This essential feature of the app for grocery allows users to send customized notifications to users regarding discount deals and coupons. Users also get alerts about the status of their order and payments.

Other features of the grocery apps on-demand include reviews as well as a help center. It is also possible to incorporate chatbots powered by AI into your grocery delivery apps.

Major Features in Delivery Panel

Geo-location Services

This function allows delivery staff to determine the address of the customer and also the most efficient route to get there.

In-app Chat

Delivery people can get in touch with the customer via this feature. It can be particularly useful in cases where delivery personnel are unable to locate the address of the customer.

Accept/Reject Delivery

This allows delivery people to accept or deny delivery requests. Delivery personnel can deny the delivery of groceries when the location of consumers is too far.

Schedule and Profile

Like customers, delivery personnel must create profiles within the app after a successful registration. They will be able to view the completed orders as well as their compensation on their profile. They can also create an agenda for the day to ensure that the products are on time.

Major Features in Admin Panel


It displays the movements of delivery personnel and the status of the orders in real-time. Administrators can control the entire process of delivery with the aid of an interactive dashboard.

User Management

The admin can either accept, deny or even ban users when they discover an account that is fraudulent or fake. Additionally, this feature allows administrators to check the delivery status and determine if the user receives the package on time.

Inventory Management

This is a crucial feature since it allows the administrator in managing inventory as well as the supply chain.

Delivery Management

This feature allows the administrator to keep track of the movements of delivery drivers and delivery personnel. In the event of a mishap or accident this feature can help the administrator to determine the exact location of delivery people and manage the incident. The administrator can also manage the management of the warehouse or store.

Real-time Analytics

It aids the administrator to keep the whole process under control by acquiring real-time information.

After reviewing the most important aspects, let’s look at the key factors that affect the cost for the app for grocery delivery on demand.

Cost of Grocery Delivery App Development

Similar to other apps on demand like other apps on demand, the price that grocery delivery app services charge is contingent on a variety of variables, including the platform, the quantity of features, and the hourly rate of the developers. If you are planning to develop an app for grocery on Android the cost is higher than the equivalent app for iOS.

Android applications have to go through rigorous testing procedures since there are a lot of Android devices on the market. In addition, the quantity of features can be a deciding element.

With all of these aspects in mind taking into consideration all of these, the cost of these apps could be anywhere from $14k to $18k. If the number of features increase and the cost of development increases dramatically. The On-demand development firm can provide you with the price that best suits your specifications.

Concluding Lines

No matter if you run a brick and mortar grocery store or wish to start an online business and use the app for grocery delivery on demand, this is a great way of attracting customers to your company.

With the increasing trend of purchasing groceries and food items on the internet it is likely that the app for grocery delivery is going to be here for the long haul. Soft Suave Technologies is the right mobile app development company to develop an extremely secure and reliable grocery app.

Roydano is the head of the business development team at Soft Suave, a leading mobile app development company that makes app ideas into reality by providing unique mobile app development across iOS, Android & Cross platforms.

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