How To Apply Micro Weaving Hair And Its Benefits?

How To Apply Micro Weaving Hair And Its Benefits?

Micro weaving hair are used by some hair extension enthusiasts to quickly achieve long, thick hair, which is what hair extensions are designed for without using heat or glue. Similar to clip-in hair extensions, this type of hair employs a weft of hair that is often attached at the top and has varying lengths, textures, colors, and styles like curly, body wave, or straight.

Micro weaving hair can be applied more quickly than individual strands using pre-bonded or strand micro rings. This is due to a shorter fitting time and fewer micro rings that need to be attached to the hair weft.

Here are things you should note before applying for micro weft hair extensions:

What are micro-links? 

I-tips and wefts are the two primary categories of micro weaving hair extensions. Any hair extension procedure that is attached with a microbead or a microtube is categorized as a micro-link. She explains that these beads or microtubes are often composed of aluminum or copper and coated in black and brown ink to perfectly match the color of your hair.

The weft installation method involves using microbeads to attach tracks of hair to the client’s head. The i-tip method requires attaching small extensions or i-tipped hair to tiny sections of the client’s hair using a microbead or microtube. 

Who Are Micro Weaving Hair Best For? 

You can get this style installed regardless of your hair texture, but your actual hair must be long enough, and your scalp has to be in good health, too. If you’re struggling with hair loss or excessive shedding, you should consider another technique. As for hair length, you at least need three to five inches to attach.

How Are Micro Weaving Hair installed? 

Depending on the client’s requirements, length, or the desired volume, the installation procedure for micro-links may change. The stylist will take tiny portions of the client’s hair, apply the bead, and then attach the weft to that for the weft method.

The process can take two to three hours if the client searches for volume and wants to add only a few expansions (about 75 to 100 pieces). Expect to spend up to eight hours in the chair if you want a full head of hair or more length on short styles.

How Do You Care for Micro Weaving Hair extensions? 

Though they are a great way to change up your look, please note they do not count as a low-maintenance protective style. But that doesn’t mean the upkeep is excessively arduous. It just requires genuine care — you must be diligent about maintenance between touch-ups, which can be done at a salon or at home. 

For straight and wavy textures, brush twice daily to minimize tangles and monster snarls; the more you don’t brush it or detangle it throughout the day, the worse it gets. You probably don’t want to run a brush through curly or kinky textures, especially without any product, but use a spray bottle to spritz the hair with water and separate the curls by hand to ensure they maintain their form.

Making sure you don’t tangle your hair when washing it throughout the shampooing process is a major focus of the procedure. Work the shampoo through each of your four hair sections. Avoid massaging the scalp in circular directions as this might damage the i-tips and make detangling much more challenging.


Micro weaving hair extensions are one of the best ways to add length and volume to your natural hair. Go for Hair Factory because they are one of the popular human hair manufacturers.

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