How to calculate the cost of your impound insurance policy-

How to calculate the cost of your impound insurance policy-

If you have found yourself in a situation where your car has been impounded for whatever reason. It is not a great position to be in particularly when you find out that many insurance providers will not insure impounded cars. If you can’t get insurance, what should you do?

Well, everything is not lost particularly since there are many insurance providers out there that look to give you a full car insurance policy even if your car has been impounded.

Impound insurance

Impound Insurance as suggested is a kind of insurance policy that covers your car and will be legally acceptable insurance despite the fact it has been impounded in the first go.

In most cases, the police will not release an impounded car until you can prove that you are insured to drive the car and since many insurance brokers will not insure an impounded car, you are going to need to look into committed impounded car insurance providers.

These policies last for 30 days, it is a legal requirement to release your car, and you will need special insurance that is valid for a minimum of 30 days which should provide you enough time to release your car. Once everything has been dealt with the car is not registered as being impounded anymore, you can then use the standard policy.

Why standard car insurance will not be enough?

A simple question asked is why exactly does not a regular car insurance policy cover the insurance needs on an impounded car and the answer is very simple. The car is not worth the risk of insuring in case something goes unexpected.

Due to all the main reasons, a car can be impounded, and with insurance companies being as proactive as possible to be as competitive as possible, it is just not sustainable for the insurance provider to insure an impounded car. And then for an accident condition to occur. To make things simple for themselves, they simply decline to insure this kind of car.

Impound insurance policies

While most standard insurance providers will not insure an impounded car, we found one committed impounded vehicle insurance provider out there who mainly offers policies that cover impounded cars. Impounded car insurance quotes are very hard to find.

Features of policy

Impound insurance quotes are available online for drivers with pending convictions.

  • It will quickly respond to all pound inquiries into your insurance policy
  • Cover can start quickly as needed
  • Covers are Third-party only 
  • It offers a quick quote service with quick payment options 
  • The policy duration is 30 days

How to determine your impound insurance cost?

Insurance rates have increased due to economic factors. Since insurance providers see an increase in insurance costs, the costs will be passed on to the policyholders. However, some major factors play important role in determining the cost of impound insurance.

The driving record

For most traffic violations and accidents you have got on your record, the insurance premium will be high. If you are a new driver without an established driving record. You will have to pay more than an experienced driver with a clean driving record.

Usage of the car

The amount of time you spend on the road can affect your insurance premiums. If you spend most of your time on the road or drive long distances, your insurance premium will be high.

The location where you drive

Car insurance rates differ by state and drivers in urban areas will have to pay more because of the risk of getting into an accident. Since more vehicles are being driven on the road.

Age of the driver

As younger drivers have less experience so the insurance premium will be high. But if you are an experienced driver and your driving history is clean, your insurance premium will be low.


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