How to carry out your web marketing strategy in 3 steps?

How to carry out your web marketing strategy in 3 steps?

Once you have defined your customer profiles and analysed your market on the web , you can start implementing your  Digital Marketing Agency Mohali strategy .

To do this, here are some tips that you may find useful:

1.The Prerequisites of your digital marketing strategy

Define your goals

When you want to implement a Digital Marketing Agency Mohali , it is important to first clearly define your objectives.

Today, the Internet touches many channels and offers a multitude of possible objectives depending on the expectations and orientation of your business. They will be different depending on what you want to do: a showcase site, lead generation, online sales, an intranet, an extra net, etc.

The first essential question to ask yourself is certainly why you want to implement a digital marketing strategy. The reasons can be many:

  • Develop your notoriety / brand image,
    find leads,
  • Increase your turnover,
  • Reduce your communication costs,Reduce your cost of acquiring prospects or customers,
  • Optimise your internal communication,etc

Analyse the situation

Secondly, it is necessary to define the important aspects that will allow you to properly orient your digital strategy. For this you will need:

  • Identify and analyse your competitors
  • Determine your targets and understand their expectations
  • Identify the sources of information consulted by your targets
  • Define your differentiated strategy (Unique Selling Proposition)
  • Depending on your objectives, a multitude of tools will allow you to analyse the situation, in particular: Google Trends, Google Alert, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Feebly, Social Bro, SEMrush, Hoot suite…

2. Implement your Digital Marketing strategy

Depending on your objectives, Inbound Marketing will certainly be the solution that will best fit your Digital Marketing Agency Mohali. This new marketing method aims to bring your prospects directly to you rather than going to them (Pull Marketing).

It unfolds in four main stages:

1 – Attract prospects with quality editorial content

This step consists in attracting and interesting your targets with the quality editorial content that you will produce. Thanks to the information that you will communicate on the web, you will arouse the interest of your audience by integrating content that will meet the expectations of your targets.
This quality content can take various forms (info graphics, webinars, white paper, newsletters, case studies, videos, editorial content, etc.) and will be used to make you known by using the information channels that your personas consult, for example: Google, social networks, Amazon, forum, your blog, your website…

Two methods are available to you to achieve your goal:

  • The use of “free” tools such as natural referencing (SEO), content marketing, personalised e-mailing or the use of social networks… These tools often take time to convert customers and require significant human resources.
  • Outbound marketing such as PPC, display, Real Time Bidding, mass e-mailing, social ads… These other tools will allow you to generate traffic more quickly by paying.

Always keep in mind a fundamental notion: it is always interesting to use paid resources as long as they are profitable.

In order to reach your targets, do not hesitate to:

  • Identify which pages drive conversions
  • Analyse in detail the specific information that interests your prospects
  • Receive daily reports to share with your teams.

2 – Convert your visitors into prospects

After having interested your visitors with editorial content adapted to each of your targets, the strategy now consists of converting them into qualified prospects. You can use:

  • Call-to-action – Create call-to-action buttons to convert your visitors into leads in an instant,
  • Landing Pages – Create more landing pages to optimise conversion rates,
  • Contact forms – Ask the right questions at the right time to qualify your leads via contact forms.

3 – Conclude: engage your prospects in a conversion process

This third step is to convert your prospects into customers.

You will be able to feed your prospects with editorial content until they become customers. For this, you can use the following tools:

  • Emailing – Personalise your emails using information from your database,
  • Marketing Automation – Use this tool to trigger the sending of scheduled emails to your contacts,
  • Analytics – Identify which sources generate the most leads and views.

4 – Build loyalty and retain your customers

Loyalty is an essential and necessary step. Identify your customers, encourage them and reward your ambassadors. Through special events, personalised content, stay in touch with them so that they feel privileged and listened to.

measure the performance of all your actions:

  • Many tools now allow you to measure the performance of all your actions on the web and inform you about the achievement of your objectives.
  • With the performance measurement of your campaigns, digital marketing will therefore provide you with real opportunities for optimising your marketing budgets.

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