How to Convert Instagram Followers Into Customers

How to Convert Instagram Followers Into Customers

How to Convert Instagram Followers Into Customers

Once you establish a dedicated follower base you can start to convert those followers into paying customers. There are several ways to do this including:

1) Promotions: Deals, discounts, BOGOs, and other promotional offerings are a great way to drive first-time sales with your Instagram audience. Be sure to mention exactly what is needed to receive the promotional offer and include when the offer expires to create a sense of urgency.


2) Contests: What’s a better way to make someone a customer than letting them try your product? Promote contests by asking users to follow your account or post content with a specific hashtag to enter.


3) Charity: According to a recent survey, 81% of millennials expect companies to make a public commitment to giving back. Doing so can build affinity for your brand and help turn followers into customers. For example, Gap partnered with The Global Fund to help fight AIDS in Africa. Since 2006, it has helped raise over $130 million.


4) Teasers: Instagram is a great platform to show your audience glimpses of new products before they become available. While you don’t want to spam your followers’ feeds with only product photos, a few images can build excitement.


5) Launch a Product Live: For certain launches, it may even make sense to showcase a new product or service using Instagram Live. You can quickly drive users to purchase by including a purchase link in your bio.

How to Get More Followers on Instagram

You’ve created all the right content and used all the right hashtags — now you’re probably wondering how to get more followers on Instagram. Whether you’re an established business with thousands of followers or you’re just starting out, growing your following takes serious time and energy.


You may be tempted to take the easy way out and buy followers — don’t do this. Purchasing followers won’t get you any future engagement, which is exactly what you need to make sure your posts are seen in a user’s feed. Luckily, there are a few things you can focus on to start gaining more followers the right way. Let’s get started!


First and foremost, make sure your username is recognizable and searchable. If people can’t find you, they can’t follow you! Next, fill out your bio. It’s the last thing someone sees before they make the decision to follow you so be sure to include who you are and what you do.


Once your profile is optimized, start posting! It’s a good idea to get a solid number of posts up (15 or so) before you really start engaging people and working hard to get followers. If users visit your profile and find it empty, they likely won’t follow. Since you’ll only have a few posts up, be sure they’re all high quality. Your Facebook and Twitter followers might overlook a couple of subpar posts, but your Instagram followers won’t. If you post a bad photo, it could throw off your whole profile.


After you’ve posted some content, start following accounts that interest you and relate to your business. Think of Instagram like a community — look for other businesses in your area or influencers who might enjoy your product/service. After you follow an account, interact with their content. It’s the most natural way to draw attention to your own Instagram account without coming across as spammy. When you follow or interact with an account, the account owner will get a notification. This could prompt them to check out your account and start following you. Remember to appreciate your followers by responding to their comments and engaging with their content.

Next, encourage others to share your content. Invite brand ambassadors to share your account or collaborate with similar accounts. For example, a local store could partner with a well-known stylist to highlight the season’s latest styles.

Last but not least, be sure to promote your Instagram on other channels. Include an Instagram social share button on your website or encourage your followers on another platform to follow you on Instagram. Sometimes the fastest way to gain more followers is to simply ask for them!

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