How to Create a Fitness Tracker App

How to Create a Fitness Tracker App

You can easily build fitness tracker app with the help of this blog.

After the pandemic people are more conscious regarding their health. Today, the fitness industry has flourished around the world.

Although fitness apps are being part of our life a long way since the popularity of fitness apps can be seen in the past few years.

Moreover, the global fitness market is expected to reach 14.64 BILLION USD by 2026.

According to the IHRSA (International Health Racquet and Sports club Association), the US health and fitness industry is growing by 3-4% annually for the past few years. And it is accelerating at this speed and shows no sign of stopping any time soon.

With 20% of American adults have a fitness club membership, which could double in the next 10-15 years. With the growing trend of fitness apps, many business owners are looking for fitness app development companies that help them to build fitness apps.

If you are wondering how you can create one for yourself.

 In, this blog will discuss all the details regarding what is fitness tracker app and how you can create a fitness app and can easily find mobile app developers for hire.

Let’s hop in!!

What are Fitness Tracker Apps?

So before going directly into how to create. Let’s see first what fitness tracker apps are.

Fitness tracker apps provide data on the fitness activity of the user that can be downloaded and used to analyze fitness activity. They track the data of the physical activity of the user.

It is a device or app that tracks or monitors fitness-related metrics like distance of running and walking and heartbeat and many more.

Moreover, this app helps user to view their workout progress. Not only it is helpful in physical fitness but also helps to encourage the user to get the best results.

Fitness tracker app development company helps gym owners or fitness service providers to launch their apps. It also helps them in creating an advanced and user-friendly app.

Now, the below table will help you with categorized fitness-tracking apps.


Tracking app category





Running tracker



Route tracking, sending safety alerts, track running and walking activities differently.



Yoga trackers



Count and track multiple training sessions.


Gym trackers



Track the gym workout progress based on data feed from wearable, timers, etc.


These are some of the categories of a fitness tracking app. Fitness tracking apps mostly measure steps, calories burned, heart rate, distance, and sleep quality of the user.

Here are some of the best fitness tracker apps mentioned below.

  1. Google fit
  2. Fitnotes
  3. Fitness22
  4. Runkeeper
  5. JEFIT workout tracker
  6. MyFitnessPal
  7. Strava
  8. Hardware fitness tracker

Reports show that there are 51% of Americans that use to wear a fitness tracker on daily basis and 40% used wearable devices for tracking their health and their overall performance.

So don’t wait further and dive into the process of creating the fitness tracker app.

How to Create a Fitness Tracker App

Here are the steps that help you in creating a fitness tracker app. By the end of this section, custom fitness tracker app development building will be easy for you.

1. Ideation

The first and foremost important step is to know your audience. After you have decided on the app niche, brainstorm the idea that target the audience.

However, if you plan correctly at this stage the journey ahead becomes much easier. Let’s look at the next step that helps you in market research.

2. Market research

After finalizing the idea this is the most important step. You’ll need to research the market and analyze the age groups and financial status. This will help you in improving your idea and the process will help you in finding the right features for your app.

Moreover, find out your competitors and research the similar apps that are available in the market and compare them you’ll find the drawback.

With this, you can easily improve it while developing your fitness app and pitch your idea to the mobile app development company.

3. Decide features

Build fitness tracker app with advanced features like workout identifying algorithms and workout screens. The main purpose of your fitness app is to access user fitness conditions and plan the workout accordingly.

Here list of advanced features that you can include:

  • Adding custom food diet according to the use workout plan.
  • Integrate the app with wearable devices
  • Add Live streaming
  • Integrate with social media

4. Monetization

After deciding on all the features. It’s time to think about generating revenue which can be done in various ways mentioned below.

  • In-app purchases
  • Ads
  • Subscription mode
  • Providing On-demand app development services for fitness.

5. Choose platform

Now before choosing your tech stack. You have to decide the deployment platform which is most important before the app development process.

All you have to do is decide whether you want to develop an app for android, ios, or hybrid. If you choose Android you can hire android app developers.

However, this will directly impact the creation cost and the adoption rate of your fitness tracking app.

6. Tech stack

After, the platform, it’s time for choosing the tech stack. It refers to the set of technologies used in the development of an app.

7. Hire mobile app developers

It’s time to hire dedicated developers.

Here you can do it in various ways these are as mentioned below:

  • Hire freelancers
  • Assemble in-house team
  • Consult local development firm
  • Outsource an app development company

Once you hire developers. It’s time to start development.

8. UI/UX Designing

This is the most crucial part of the development process.

Here, UI/UX designers create the UI/UX of the app. They design it in a way that creates more user engagement. This directly affects the front end of the app.

9. Backend development

In this step, the backend of an app is developed with the help of source code.

This is the most time-consuming process and also affects the time and speed of the development process.

10. Testing

Lastly, when the app is written it’s time to test the app in the live environment before it goes live.

Moreover, the platform is now checked for errors and bugs and necessary changes are made. To make your app successful don’t forget this step.

11. Deployment

Finally, it’s time to launch the app in the market. Now you can start the maintenance services which are most important to maintain your app for the long run.

In addition, regularly maintaining your app will benefit you in user engagement.

Cost to Create a Fitness Tracker App

While calculating the actual cost of fitness tracker app development can depend on various factors. The total number of hours, location, resources used, and many more. To build a fitness tracker app the average cost is around $19167 or it can increase up to $50,000.

Moreover, to give you a brief if you want to create for android or iOS it will take around 1340 hours. If you choose a single platform it will take around 650 hours. With a hybrid, you can expect 1136 hours including APIs.


Fitness tracking apps are very popular.

By going through this blog you’ll get the idea of creating a fitness tracker app. And if you want to learn more about it contact a mobile app development company that will help you in creating fitness-tracking apps.

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