How To Design Signs That Will Serve Your Construction Company?

How To Design Signs That Will Serve Your Construction Company?

Handymen, construction companies and home improvement firms can be described as, in the vast majority of the time, mobile businesses. These businesses typically have a central office, and occasionally, even a shop front however most of their operations are conducted at the site of work.

Because employees are constantly in motion and constantly moving, it’s vital for construction firms to have cars for their fleet of vehicles. Here’s how to create the perfect interior signage for your construction company:


The first thing you need to consider when designing a car signage is what kind of sign you’re looking for and what it ought to be. The area you will need to measure is the size of the vehicle or truck to the point where you’ll be putting up an auto sign.

If you want to decorate a car’s door or tailgate for a tailgate or door, a car magnet can be an ideal product, however, be sure that it’s properly size.

Car magnets should be affix on smooth, flat areas of the vehicle. They cannot be use to cover any cuts or trims that are around the car’s body as they could make the magnetic trap air and then fly away.

The work vehicles should be equip with door magnets to identify the vehicle, and displaying the DOT numbering, if require. If you have the funds an tailgate magnet, it can be helpful to attract attention when you leave the work.


Once you’ve decide on the material and size you want you’ll be aware of how much room you’re give for your message.

The principal goal of internal signage for construction is to indicate that the vehicle is part of a company fleet and pay attention to the primary information– the name of the company, phone number, location, license details, etc.

The overload of information could confuse the viewer and distract from the main message especially on smaller signage such as car magnetics.


Car signs for construction companies should be using simple, clear, bold, and easy to read fonts. If you select a large or extensive font, it might make it difficult to identify your car.

If you are looking for a colour scheme utilising lots of contrast. Black and white make great simple magnetic signs, however when you’re looking to expand your options more, why not consider an idea for a building theme such as the combination of yellow and black or grey and orange?

A lot of colours can be annoying. You should limit your choices to just one or two colours. While fleet vehicles may be expose to harsh environments, they are still require to display signs to help identify your vehicle when on the job. It might also attract new clients.

In a field like construction, it’s crucial to demonstrate your top-quality workmanship professionalism, knowledge and expertise and a vehicle sign will do that.

The 5 Most Common Mistakes Made By Construction Company Signs

Signage is use by construction companies mostly to identify their customers and, if their business grows as a result the result is a win-win. Because most homeowners and contractors do not have a physical shopfront, using signs is a cost-effective and efficient method of reaching out to new customers.

As a foreman, or contractor, it’s natural that you’re not an expert designer, and you might encounter issues in designing and ordering wayfinding signs. Here are a few of the most frequent issues that occur when companies purchasing signs for construction.

After having read this article, you will have much less trouble placing an order.

I Do Not Have Any

This is a major error for construction firms. Vehicle signage is cost-effective and even budget-conscious people can be able to afford them often, signage is mandate by law in states to display the DOT number of the vehicle (or license information).

Signs can be easily customise to reflect your business’s specific information. If you do it correctly they will also draw many new customers.

Size Is Not Correct

A sign ordered that’s the wrong size can be a major error. If the sign you ordered is too large it will not fit in your car’s window, vehicle or even on your door. In the event that it’s not large enough it’s difficult to read and won’t get any kind of response.

It is essential to determine the exact area you’d like to put your signage prior to making the purchase. Car magnets should be place on the flat, smooth surface of the vehicle. They are not able to accommodate curvatures or wrinkles on the body of your truck.

Windows that display signage should be measure separately. Don’t assume they’re all of the same size.

The Text Is Hard To Read

This could be the result that the signage is too tiny, however generally, signage that is difficult to read won’t be effective. Signs should be design to provide the highest contrast of colours possible. Also, the font selections must be simple and bold so that they can be easily read from an extend distance.

Create the text as big as the size of your space allows. For window signs and vinyl banners, contrast is also important. If you own a shopfront and want to put window signs in the glass, ensure that there isn’t any tinting of the windows otherwise, they’ll be difficult to read.

Poor Installation

The primary sign post you’ll need to consider are car magnets. And in the majority of cases they are simple to put in. Be sure that the magnets are smooth and glue to clean vehicles.

Work trucks are likely to get dirty fast, so be sure to make sure the magnet is as clean as you can in order to avoid the magnet falling off. If you’re applying the sign with adhesive (like an auto decal or window sticker) However you’ll need to take your time when installing it.

Make use of a squeegee for removing air bubbles. Do not take off the entire backing of adhesive all at-once. If needed, get help from an expert installer. In the long term, it is worthwhile.


Contrary the Construction Site Hoarding systems that use plastic hoarding systems, this Steelhoard panels made of steel can be used 10 times per year after being dismantled, installed and maintained according to the guidelines of the manufacturer.

Furthermore, Steelhoard panels are design to withstand the harsh conditions of nature. Plastic hoardings can become hard and brittle during cold weather, and are vulnerable to break down because of UV light, which weakens the hoarding’s structure.

Material Cost

Hoarding sheets made of plastic cost 50% more than hoarding panels made of steel. The total cost of a hoarding system of plastic are more expensive than the HERAS Hoarding System Steelhoard in light of the fact that plastic panels are much less robust than steel ones and must be replace more frequently.

Fire Protection

Hoarding panels made of steel are more resistant to fire that plastic ones. A steel hoarding system is therefore an ideal solution for building hoarding on the site to protect the property from fire at the site’s boundary, either accidentally or deliberately


Being aware of the basic safety rules will help protect your company from injuries on the job and lawsuits that could arise when employees make a claim naming your company as being accountable to their injury.

If you’re responsible to know the safety warnings posted in your workplace are and what they mean, ensure that you make the effort to learn about all of them and know the precautions you have to follow to stay protected.

Basic safety signs aren’t only visual indicators of dangers that could be present. They also post signs to inform you of the kinds of actions that increase safety on a daily schedule and prevent incidents that could occur occasionally.


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