How To Determine Your Cat’s Breed Online

How To Determine Your Cat’s Breed Online

Ever wondered what the breed of your cat is? In case you have adopted a cat from a shelter or a breeder, you may already know the breed of your kitten. But in case you do not know, we have got you covered. 

Did you know that you do not have to go anywhere to check the breed of your cat? Yes. You can do that while you are in your bedroom or even in the living room with the help of the available sites of cat breed identifiers online

How To Check Your Cat’s Breed Online?

When you search for your cat’s breed online, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. The size, the rail, the color, the behavior, the fur, the shape of the ear and face, everything has a role to play when you are checking the breed of your cat.

Some cats have different colors and patterns than other cats. For example, breeds like Siamese and Ragdolls are color pointed. The color of the dots or the points that are on their coat can vary from gray to brown or even red at times.

Some of the cats are larger in size compared to other cats. This is also one of the marks or signs that is used to identify the breed of the cat. For example, if the cat is lean but muscular in build, has an angular face and large ears, and a few dark brown points all over the coat, there are chances that it is a Siamese.

There are also a lot of mixed breeds that you might end up adopting from a shelter. If it is a little kitten, you may not know the breed of the parent cat. That is because kittens do not exhibit all the features of the parent breed. They need some time to show their genetic traits.

If you want to adopt a particular type of cat, then you must know the breed. In case you already have a cat, but you are a very curious soul, then there are some apps that are available online that can help you end your search.

Cat Breed Identifier Online: Apps And Quizzes

There are a few apps that are available online that claim to be able to determine and identify the breed of a cat. Even though most of them can just identify a pedigree breed of cat, there are many that can even give you suggestions about other cat breeds or if it is a mixed breed.

1. Cat Scanner

One of the best apps that are available for users is the Cat Scanner. This app is developed by the Silawu Software and is available for both Android as well as iOS mobiles. It is the highest scored app on the google play store, with a lot of positive reviews.

In order to identify the breed of the cat, all you need to do is upload a picture or a video of the cat on the app. And that’s it. Within a few seconds, the app will inform you of the exact breed. If it is a mixed breed, you will be informed about the breed of the parent cats.


  • Quick results
  • The database has information on more than 50 cat breeds
  • Accurate identification of the breed


  • Too many ads are present
  • You have to choose a premium account for getting rid of the ads.

2. Cats Quiz

Want to know whether your cat is a Siamese, a Ragdoll, or a Maine Moon? It is easy. Install the Cats Quiz app that has information on several cat breeds. The best part is that you will have a lot of fun participating in the quizzes.

The cat owners also get to learn a lot of things from the app. There are also a lot of languages that you can choose for your convenience.


  • More than ten languages
  • The trivia questions and games can be entertaining as well as educating


  • Not all the breeds are present
  • The ads can be a nuisance

There are many online quizzes that are available that can also let you identify the breed of the cat. However, they’re only great at identifying the pure breed cats.

When it comes to the mixed breeds, they are not very accurate. But if you are looking for something fun and entertaining, using the online quizzes is a good way of doing so.

Final Words

Do you want to know the ancestry of your cat? There are many cat breed identifiers online that can help you know the breed of your cat or if it is a mixed breed. Most of them are accurate with information on as many as 50 breeds of cats. 

However, all of the methods that are mentioned above, from the apps to the online quizzes, only claim to be 95% accurate. As long as you are happy and satisfied with the results, you will be able to be at peace. At least knowing which breed your cat shares its traits with the most can be helpful to you.

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