How to Display Products at Launch Events?

How to Display Products at Launch Events?

Products are the ultimate highlight of the product launch events. Stocking a table or shelf with the products at the launch event will rob all the excitement of unveiling and showcasing them. You need to plan and set up an extraordinary experience around them which grabs the attendee’s attention. Otherwise, they will only think of it as just another product on the shelves.

The product displays play a critical role in highlighting a product or taking away all its glory. You must ensure the product is visible from afar and stands out enough to compel people to try their hands on it. You can explore and experiment with product display ideas and create other experiences around them to make them popular.

Dig deeper into the details of this article to explore and learn how you can display products at your launch events.

Top 7 Product Display Ideas for Your Next Launch Events

Product displays can make or break your presentation, sales, and event success. This is the major reason brands pay special attention to displays in their stores and specifically at events. You do not have to stick to only one simple style. Instead, feel free to experiment with product displays and grab the attention of your target audience to achieve bigger goals.

Here are some major product display ideas you can consider for your next launch events.

1. Entryway Display

The first and foremost product display idea you can implement in your next launch event is the entryway display. As the name suggests, you can display the products at the entryway of your store or setup. It is specifically effective in grabbing the attention of window shoppers and tempting them to pay a visit and explore. Some brands and retailers hire experts from a brand activation and product launches event agency to create an attractive and engaging experience to ensure hype and success.

2. Window Display

A window display is one of the most common yet effective product display ideas you can easily implement in your next event. You can opt for a close and private venue that has glass windows. Place the products in the glass windows to be visible to everyone passing by them. It will grab their attention and make them explore what is inside. You can ask people to choose one product and greet them with a fun story related to it. It will surely create hype for your event, and more and more people will be interested in exploring.

3. Table Display

Table display is another common yet effective product display idea you can explore and experiment with. Such a product display is used when the brands want the target audience to interact directly and explore the product. It limits all the barriers and boosts access to the attendees. You can even put some puzzles or secrets on the table and ask attendees to solve them to receive surprise gifts. You can employ other ideas to make it fun and interesting.

4. Quirky Cart Display

A quirky cart display is one of the most interesting product display ideas you can explore at your product launch event. Such an idea is suitable for events that target children or their products. You can let attendees use the quirky cart as the photo booth and create hype for your event on social media. Place unexpected treats in the quirky cart and catch the attendees by surprise. You can also use expert help to explore other themes you can use to boost audience engagement.

5. Life-Sized Cutout Display

A life-sized cutout display is another product display idea you can put to use in your next launch event. Create engaging and exciting game experiences around the life-sized cutout, which will help you enjoy the hype. You can come up with interesting ideas for motivating people to interact with it and explore the hidden message you want to communicate. Provide the attendees with basic supplies to cut out specific figures from the cardboards and win exciting prizes.

6. Free Standing Display

The free-standing display is one of the most delicate product display ideas you can opt for for your next product launch event. This type of display is ideal if you want to make your product stand out as the only highlight of the whole event. You should place it in the center of the venue and remove all sorts of obstacles from its surroundings. It will catch the eye of the attendees from afar, and they will be motivated to get a closer glimpse and experience.

7. Mannequin Display

The Mannequin display is the last product display idea you can explore for your next launch event. However, you will have to see if it is relevant to your product or service or not. Instead of using a plastic mannequin, you can make it interesting by including a robot mannequin that responds to people. It will surely surprise them and boost engagement. You can consult experts from experiential event agency Dubai to ensure an attention-grabbing and memorable experience.

Do you need more ideas?

The best way of exploring more successful ideas is by getting the help of experts. So, contact professional event organizers and let experts set up unique, engaging, and entertaining product displays and ensure the success of your event.

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