How to Do UPPCL Electricity Bill Payment Online

How to Do UPPCL Electricity Bill Payment Online

The Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation (UPPCL) is primarily responsible for the distribution and transmission of power in Uttar Pradesh. Additionally, the organization has a web platform where you can quickly monitor and pay your UPPCL bill account.


Regarding Urban Bill Payment

UPPCL is the utility effectively managing the delivery of reliable and cost-effective electricity to every region of the state using highly devoted engineers and cutting-edge technologies, generating a profit for the users and keeping pace with technological developments in the nation.

Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited (UPPCL) was established in January 2000 due to the restructuring and reorganization of the energy sector in Uttar Pradesh. With this shifting environment, the state has achieved significant strides in electric power production, distribution, and reach.

How can you pay your UPPCL bill online?

Pay your UPPCL bill using the TalkCharge website or mobile app. In addition to delivering immediate cashback on each bill-paying amount, this website allows new and current clients to check their UPPCL accounts online. Consumers can accumulate additional cashback on their TC wallets, which they may use to pay for various everyday services.

Choose UPPCL Urban as your power provider from the extensive list of available options.


  • Enter your Consumer Number and click the forward arrow to the UPPCL Bill View.
  • If you are a first-time bill payer, you must complete your UPPCL Urban online registration and get your UPPCL sign-up information.
  • This allows you to check your UPPCL Online Bill Urban directly from your mobile device.Examine every element of the extracted UPPCL bill. After a thorough examination, you may proceed with the UPPCL urban online bill payment or Bharat bill pay.
  • Please fill in your TalkCharge login information or create a new account if this is your first time using the site.
  • Choose to pay with Net Banking, Credit/Debit Cards, or any UPI method at random.
  • Please choose your preferred discount code or offer, enter it into the form, then click the Pay Now button.
  • Done! Your UPPCL Urban Bill Payment Online is complete, and TC Cashback is being deposited into your wallet.
  • Exciting UPPCL online Bill Payment Deals for City Residents
  • Obtain the TC unique discount code TC500 and receive a maximum reward of Rs. 150 after completing your UPPCL online bill payment transaction. This is applicable for single use and is a real advantage for first-time TC platform users.


UPPCL Urban OTS 2022

Uttar Pradesh Electricity Corporation Limited has implemented the One Time Settlement Scheme for power users. This Yojana applies to commercial, industrial, and residential customers. Under OTS, users will get a total surcharge waiver on their following power bills. Individuals may register at the local powerhouse, division office, SDO office, or on the UPPCL website. For additional information, check out our newest blog on UPPCL OTS Yojana.

Solutions for Online UPPCL Bill Payment

You will not be required to wait in huge queues to pay your Electricity Bill at booths. The effectiveness of your UPPCL Bill Pay is contingent upon whatever payment option you use.


How can I examine my UPPCL bill online?

To see or check your UPPCL bill, visit the UPPCL website and click on UPPCL Urban. Complete the login procedure, then click View Bill. Enter the Account Number, Password, and Captcha on the following screen. Afterward, click Sign In. Currently, you can access your UPPCL bill.


How Do I Make My UPPCL Payment Online?

You may pay your Uppcl bill online using the company’s official website, but TalkCharge is the place to go if you want a discount.


How can I create a UPPCL invoice?

Visit the UPPCL website, click on Bill Payment Urban, fill out the registration form, login, and then click on Self Bill Generation. Your electricity bill will then be produced.


How Can I Download My UPPCL Payment Receipt?

On the orignal website, after completing the login procedure, choose payment Urban, click the Login button and input your account number and password. Then, select the Payment History option to see every online bill payment as we do for Bharat bill pay. Click the bill you want to obtain the receipt, followed by the download option.


How can I register for UPPCL online?

To register for UPPCL, please visit the UPPCL website. Enter your consumer and phone numbers, followed by the submit button and a security question. On the next screen, enter your region, email id, and account password for security purposes. Now, to register, click the Register button.


What is your UPPCL account number?

The account number is the consumer number that appears on your power account.


How can I regain access to my UPPCL account if I lose my password?

If you forget your UPPCL password, visit the official website and enter your account number, consumer number, and the link to “forgot your password.” Next, input the answer to the security question you provided at registration and click “Next.” Create a new password for your account at this time.


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