How To Draw People Hugging Step by Step

How To Draw People Hugging Step by Step

How To Draw People Hugging easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Pencil drawing tutorials for beginners and everyone. Line Drawings

You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below.

Step 1

In this how-to-draw hugger tutorial, we will draw portraits of a man and a woman hugging. For this first part, we’ll start with the man’s head. Use a curved line for the back of the head so that the man starts it. Use some more curves for the top of his shirt collar, and then add some more sharp turns on the top of his head to make his hair look a bit more pointed. In this step, we will complete his entire hairline. His ear will be drawn with a small circle inside the hairline with some more minor line details inside it. Once you’ve marked these aspects, we’ll move on to the second step of the tutorial.

Step 2: Now, draw the woman’s head.

In the last part of your hug drawing, we left a gap in the man’s face, and in this part, we will fill that gap using the woman’s head. We’ll be using more curves for her hair than we used for the men’s hairline. This will help make her hair look not only longer than his but tied back. You can make this more visible by drawing a hair tie that binds it together at the back. You can then finish this step by drawing details on her face and contours for her face to face his. Her eyes will be closed to create a formal expression, and then step 3 will follow.

Step 3: Draw his shoulders, arms and chest.

Continuing with this hugger drawing tutorial, we’ll draw more of his arms and chest. Before removing those details, we’ll first add her ponytail out of the headband she’s wearing. Then used some slight curves to outline his shirt sleeve around her neck, with his arm around the other side. Remember to add simple line details inside this hem to make his shirt fabric look more rumpled. People Hugging  Finish off by drawing the contours of his chest and back, and then we can continue with the tutorial.

Step 4 – Next, draw the starting point of her arms and body

The focus will shift back to the woman in this part of you holding the drawing. First, draw a square, slightly curved below the shoulder for her sleeve. Then use some more delicate lines for her bent arm to go around his chest. Once they are drawn, you can also remove some more hair on the back of her. Finish this step by pulling the bottom of his shirt below his arms,

Step 5: Add the final details to your hug drawing.

You’re almost ready to colour your creation, but before you do, we have some final details and highlights to add. The first detail that we will add will be the bottom of her shirt dropping down. This will be drawn using a few curved lines that join together to make it look like her shirt is made of floral fabric. Finish by drawing simple outlines of the dress she’s wearing as well as the man’s pants. Once you have these final touches done, you can finish with your many details to finish it off! You can paint the background, or you can even change the details of the face to make them resemble people you know.How would you end this image?

Step 6: Finish everyone embracing the drawing with colour.

This is the final step of this curvy people drawing, and in that, we’ll finish it off with some colour. In our example image, we coloured the men’s shirt green and then placed a yellow mesh pattern on top of it. For the woman, we used lovely orange for her top and then finished with red for her skirt. These are the colours we’ve chosen, but for your painting, you can go for something unique if you’d like! What colour and art medium do you think best suits this painting?


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