How to Give the New Supplement to Senior Horses

How to Give the New Supplement to Senior Horses

Like people, horses have varying dietary requirements. The food that keeps one horse happy and healthy may not keep other horses happy and healthy. A big part of ensuring that your horse receives proper daily nutrients is supplementing their diet. However, this may not be as simple as you think. Most horses are picky eaters and will refuse to eat if supplements don’t taste good. So, to make the horse eat the supplements, you have to do some tricks. You can make use of the best supplements for senior horses only if the horse enjoys and eats those supplements. So, to make your horse eat supplements, here are some tips:

Why do horses behave like this?

When it comes to trying new feeds, horses are inherently very cautious. When you combine this with their keen sense of smell, you have an animal that may be quite challenging to feed. It becomes challenging if the food does not taste as good as they are used to. If you have invested a lot of money in a supplement, then your horse’s refusal to eat can be very upsetting. It’s not always the case that what is best for your horse’s health is also the tastiest.

Slowly begin introducing supplements.

Introducing new supplements gradually is one of the most practical pieces of advice for getting your horse on supplements. Start out with a little bit and progressively increase it until you reach the appropriate amount. You can help your horse get used to the flavor and texture of its new feed by gradually introducing supplements to their diet. They won’t often notice much of a change. Use the same process each time when a new dietary supplement is introduced.

Combine it with more delicious feeds

If the gradual introduction isn’t quite working, you might try hiding the supplement in a tastier feed. It is to see if your horse will take it or not. It should not be anything new for your horse if you already feed any of these ingredients:

  • Molasses – It is probably the most popular and extremely efficient supplement additive for disguising the flavor of horse nutrients. Molasses will aid powdered supplements to adhere to the meal in addition to enhancing the taste. This stops your horse from segregating the food they are eating while eating from the supplements.

  • Oil from Plants – Vegetable oil conceals the flavor and texture of additional nutrients, much like molasses does. This can be an excellent option for horses who need a diet that is lower in sugar.

  • Water – Although it may look like water would not have much influence, adding a small amount of water will make some difference. Adding the water will eliminate the powdery texture and allow the supplement to stick. The major benefit of adding water to the supplement is that it does not add anything extra to the horse’s diet.

Try various dietary supplement types.

Equine nutrients come in wide different varieties. Many supplements are available in powder form. However, some horses won’t eat feed that has powder added to it. Fortunately, there are different choices. Numerous supplements are also available in liquid or pellet form, which your horse could be more willing to test. In some circumstances, using too many supplements not only quickly adds up in cost but can also be detrimental to your horse’s health. It is advisable to speak with an equine nutritionist or veterinarian when choosing a supplement regimen for your horse.

Patience is the key

Ultimately, if you are willing to be patient while introducing a new supplement, horses can become accustomed to anything. Horses are habitual animals, so anything unfamiliar or out of the ordinary will make time to adopt. Your horse may need one or two weeks to completely adapt to a new supplement. Even though the process could include some trial and error, you can be confident by introducing a well-balanced supplement. With patience, you can give the best supplements for senior horses with a thoroughly balanced meal.

Final Thoughts

People who are taking care of the horse have a responsibility to provide a horse with good nutrition supplements. Make use of the given tips and ensure that your horse gets enough vitamins and minerals in a more balanced way.


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