How to increase likes on Instagram reels

How to increase likes on Instagram reels

Reels are the best way to grow your Instagram following, but competition is tough just present. By 2021, Instagram will have 250 million active users that create reels every day.

One of the best ways to boost Instagram engagement and followers for your company or brand is to create Instagram Reels. Creating Reels is the best way to grow your Instagram following and gain a place on the Search tab. In this article, we will tell you how to increase likes on Instagram reels.

Talking about the Instagram Reels feature, it allows users to create 15-second videos, in which they can use Instagram’s filters as well as popular songs. In this, you will also get to see many editing tools such as timer, speed, rewind, and align. At the same time, whatever content you create on the reels is automatically shared by default on the Explore feed.

Users can also choose to post their content in their own grid. Along with this, a dedicated section is also present in the app for the reels on the profile.

1.  Apply proper hashtags

If you want to reach as many people as possible with your post or your contact, then you have to use the hashtag (#). By using hashtags, your post will reach more and more people, which will increase likes on your Instagram reels.

You have to keep one thing in mind, never use the wrong hashtag in your reels. If you do this, then your Instagram reels may rank lower. Use the same hashtag in your reels which is according to your niche.2

2. Write attractive captions

You have to write something related to your reels. You can write such things or sentences there so that your followers or users can engage with you or connect with you.

You are given your reels and are required to write a caption in the reels so that the new user can connect with you via your follower. definitely like whenever someone sees your Instagram reels.

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3. Expand video watch time 

If you want to increase likes on your Instagram reels, then you have to try to get more and more people to spend time on your video because the more people watch your video, the more chances there will be that your reels become viral, and this will also increase the number of likes on your reel.

4. Share reels on your story

Whenever you post reels, you have to decide that as soon as the video is posted, you can share the reels on your Instagram story. This will bring good engagement to your video, and from here you can increase likes on your Instagram reels.

5. Share on  all social media platforms

Whenever you post Reels, you can share that video on other social media platforms as well, so views will come on your video from there too, and many people will like and recommend your Reels on Facebook. You have to enable it every time. So your videos will also be recommended on Facebook, and from here, the likes on your reels will increase.


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