How to install solar panels on the balcony

How to install solar panels on the balcony

For such a small station on a balcony, as a rule, polycrystalline panels are used. Unlike expensive single-crystal batteries, polycrystalline batteries can work in cloudy weather in their usual mode without changes.

This choice is based on placement and installation location. It is certainly good when your balcony faces south. But this is not always the case. Installation of a solar panel for a balcony can also be done on the east or west side, but in this case, you need to be prepared for a reduced generation.


Where to install a solar panel on a balcony?

The answer is quite simple – on its roof if there is one. But it is important to consider the angle of the roof. In addition to choosing a side for installation, there is also the problem of a lack of space for installation.

A regular monocrystalline panel with a power of 400 W or more, has dimensions of 2015 x 996 x 40 mm. If your balcony is slightly larger than average, then the maximum number of Sunlife Solar panels that you can install is two. If you have a large balcony, then their number may increase. Installation of solar panels on the balcony can be carried out in other places besides the roof,

for example: Outside the balcony, that is, from the outside of the balcony. This installation method is possible if your balcony is not glazed. This option provides for a slight upward tilt. This is necessary so that your panel collects the maximum amount of sunlight possible. If you live on the top floor, then it is possible to install solar panels on the roof of the balcony.


Where to install a solar panel on a balcony if it does not have a roof?

Solar panels can also be mounted on windows from the inside. In this case, your solar PV module is protected from wind, rain, and snow.

However, as customers note, in this case, the efficiency of the solar battery will be less. Also, due to the opacity of the panel, the sunlight will not penetrate into your room, which means that the house will be darker. Installing solar panels on a balcony has a number of disadvantages,

for example: Sometimes the installation of panels on the balcony spoils the appearance of the house. We advise you to consult and coordinate this installation with your house management or housing office.

Otherwise, it may happen that representatives of the legitimate authorities will demand to dismantle the panels, and this is no longer beneficial to you. Because you are basically throwing money away. The next problem that the installation of a solar battery for a balcony has is the not always good location of your balcony or loggia.

As you know, the solar panel generates electricity best

when its front side is directed to the young side at the right angle. This is explained by the fact that more sunlight comes from the south side, due to which the generation of the panel with this arrangement will be higher than when solar panels are installed on the loggia from the northwest or east side of the house.

Therefore, during installation, the south side is a priority. It happens that you need to install Solar Panel Lahore on a balcony of non-standard size and shape,

for example, which has rounded shapes or a forged front side. If your balcony is of a similar shape, then in this case the installation becomes more complicated.

It is necessary to securely fasten it, otherwise, the photo module can simply be blown away by a strong gust of wind. Sometimes the installation of the panel occurs on the wall. The disadvantage of this method is that the wind can blow off the panel. This happens due to weak fixation or due to improperly performed technical work.

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