How To Keep Body Wave Hair Wavy?

How To Keep Body Wave Hair Wavy?

Body wave hair is a classic hairstyle that can add glamour to girls & make them look gorgeous. But many people may complain that the body wave tends to lose its shape of the wave & become straight after wearing it for a long time.

Body Wave Hair can be worn wavy. Naturally, flat ironed straight or curled to your desire. Hair can be dyed to any color or bleached. With proper care, this hair can last 1 to 2 yrs.

Body wave human hair weave, full-body wave hair closure, and hair bundle deals with closure are the most popular merchandise for their perfect wavy style and perfectly match your hair. How to maintain Body Wave Hair?

Body Wave Hair
Body Wave Hair

What Is Body Wave Hair?

When the hair wave is processed in a body wave style, the result is a consistent deep “S” pattern through the entire hair bundle. The body wave hair type is natural to loose hair. It has the character of a straight & 4c curly hair wave.

How To Keep Body Wave Hair Wavy?

Body wave hair will be straight after some time and lose its original S shape, a problem many girls have trouble with. It isn’t irreversible; there are a few things you can do to get your hair back to its original body wave hairstyle, like a new one.

  1. Wash Your Hair:

First, use your toupee-specific soap & conditioner to wash out the figure-up on your body surge hair. Before terming your body surge hair, keeping your wig veritably clean is a prerequisite to keeping your hairpiece in good condition.

  1. Try To Avoid High Temperature:

After washing your body wave hair:

  1. Use a towel; it will absorb the excess moisture from the hair.
  2. Remember, you should not rub the hair because the hair’s cuticle is opened after washing, and friction can easily damage the hair.
  3. Give Your Hair Some Conditioning:

Apply some hair oil painting to your Waves Hair, and brush your toupee smoothly to distribute the oil painting more unevenly on your hair and make your wig feel softer. But do not apply too important. Also, you can use some heat protectants on your hair; this can cover your hair from further heat damage.

  1. Using A Curling Iron:

Better to use curling iron is a fast way to curl your body wave hair. But this method will need you to pay more attention to the curling iron’s heat. Therefore, the heat protectant is very important.

  1. Condition Regularly:

To prevent your hair from getting tangled and falling out, give your hair a deep condition every two weeks. It will regularly nourish your hair and extend its lifespan. It is also better to keep your hair in good condition. Make sure to brush the hair with a paddle encounter before washing. It may undo the swells but can be brought back with breakers. Make sure a preconditioning treatment will be used before shampooing to reduce drying.

Body Wave Hair Style
Body Wave Hair Style

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