How to Learn a New Language Fast (A Step-by-Step Guide)

How to Learn a New Language Fast (A Step-by-Step Guide)

Learning a second language is something we all can and should do at some point in our lives. Not only does this exercise our brains, Online English Speaking Course In Chandigarh but it also helps us appreciate the differences in cultures around the world.

In this article, I’ll give you my top tips for mastering a new language as quickly as possible without having to go through the stress you may have felt in school.

1. Have a purpose for learning the language

Confession: I came to Korea almost 17 years ago. During the first few weeks, I told myself that I would learn to speak Korean as quickly as possible. I didn’t have a goal and because the level of English is good here in Korea, most of the places I went always spoke English. I never needed Korean. So after 16 years, all I had was what could best be described as “Korean survival”. The advertisement

Every time I sit down to study, I start with a two-minute visualization showing an audience speaking Korean and how to become better organized and more productive. This allows me to achieve the necessary objective and obtain quality studies.

2. Learn to Say “Hello” and “Goodbye” Naturally First

Ok, I know this might be obvious and I know you probably already know how to do this. But, when I started learning Korean, I used the language CDs that came with the textbook I bought to learn. The voices on these CDs over pronounced the words and when I copied them I sounded like someone learning a foreign language.

If you can’t find anyone in your country who speaks your target language natively, use YouTube to find clips from drama or news series. Listen to how they talk and talk to each other.

3. Find the 100 most common words and…

Now many tips on learning a foreign language will tell you to learn the 100 most common words. And that’s good advice. But that’s only half the story. The advertisement

Many languages, including English, have lots of irregular words. In English, a classic is “to learn” the past tense of teaching is not “taught”, it is “taught”. The past tense of “to run” is not “ran”, it is “ran”. It is therefore not enough to learn the words. You should be able to apply these words to common sentences.

4. Get a language buddy

No excuses here. You can use Facebook or Twitter to find a language contact very easily and chat with them in the language of your choice via a free messaging service. They will correct you and you can correct them. Better yet, Online English Speaking Course In Chandigarh if you can organize a weekly coffee with your language partner, although this may not be possible.

How to learn a language in just 30 minutes a day

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If you can do this, then you will have the option to hear a native speaker and copy their pronunciation. If that’s not possible, Online English Speaking Course In Chandigarh free services such as Skype and Face-Time can be just as effective. Just be sure to set a regular schedule with your language partner and stick to it. The advertisement

5. Consistent daily practice

This was where I had a lot of difficulty. I tried to do my language studies in the evening after work but often found myself exhausted and didn’t feel like sitting down and studying.

Once I decided learning Korean was important, I started getting up an hour earlier every weekday morning so I could practice for about 45 minutes.

Since I switched from evening to morning, I have always studied and never missed a workout.

6. Be curious

If you frequently use a phrase or question in your own language, learn how to say it in your target language. Often it can be very interesting to see how it translates into another language. It is also another way to meet linguistic friends.

Post a question on Twitter _“how do you say…. In Polish”_ for example and you will get amazing answers. The people are wonderful and very generous and you will get great suggestions. Many good people will expand the answer and you will learn much more than the sentence you are wondering about. Don’t forget to hashtag it with your target language though.

7. Use YouTube

YouTube has become my best friend for Learning Korean. There are so many videos about learning Korean. A quick search and you’ll find a channel you like. I found a great channel called “Korean Unnie”. I have learned a lot from Korean Unnie over the past six months. Most of his videos are less than fifteen minutes long and that fits my learning schedule perfectly.

And the great thing about YouTube is that you can always go back, watch the video again, and save the ones you found useful to your private playlist. Perfect for those times when you’re lost for something to do. You can just open your playlist and start at the top, browse your collection and enhance your learning experience.

8. Use your technology

I have a note in Evernote, I call “Helpful Phrases” and I add to it every day. Sure, it helps to live in your target language country, but you can always make a note in whatever note app you’re using. When you have a phrase you want to know how to say in your target language, Online English Speaking Course In Chandigarh you can add it next and when you have time to research it and find out. You can also use this list for your Twitter questions.

Make sure your Notes app is with you everywhere you go, on your phone, accessible on your computer, and on any other device you might use. This way it will be very easy to add phrases and vocabulary to your list at any time.

The final result

Learning a language was difficult. You had to find the right manuals with the right CDs or cassettes. Today, it can be very easy. If you have an Internet connection, Online English Speaking Course In Chandigarh you have all the necessary resources to master your target language very quickly.

However, language learning still requires you to adopt the principles of PACT (Patience, Action, Consistency and Time). You need to be patient and act consistently every day over a period of time. With time and a specific goal, you will quickly learn your new language and begin to make new friends, experience a new culture, and add a new skill to your repertoire. Good luck!


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