How To Maintain A Productive Study Space For Effective Studying?

How To Maintain A Productive Study Space For Effective Studying?

Whether it’s your accounting case study or your English essay, you cannot focus on having disorganised study space. This is something that most college students tend to overlook. However, if you don’t put extra effort into your study space, it can make or break your career.

On that note, here are a few tips to help you get the right setup for studying at home.

1. Ideal light and temperature

It can be difficult to concentrate on your studies when the lights are too dim, or the room is too hot or too cold. The room must have an ideal temperature so you can study comfortably.   The room should have natural light as much as possible. Shift your desk in a position where your room can receive natural sunlight, like near a window. Beds are never the most productive space for studying. So, it would be best if you prefer to study at a desk.

2. Get rid of all distractions.

Your study space should help you get in your zen mode and not distract you. Remove things like iPad, phones and television, so your mind does not play tricks like trying it for 15 minutes or 30 minutes. If the internet distracts you, but you need it for studying also, use a study app that locks selective sites.

3. Keep things organised

Use desk drawers to keep your things organised. The things you need the most during your study must be clos必利勁
e to you so do not spread over the desktop. In case you do not have enough drawers, you can use small crates or boxes. It is best to organise study materials by subject or course in folders. Mark each of these files and keeps them where they can be easy to access; you can also use wall calendars, bulletin boards, cork tiles for organising your notes and assignments,

4. Decorate your study space

Fill your study space with posters, quotes, and photos that boosts your energy and motivate you to keep going. How you want to decorate your study space completely depends on the kind of motivation that worked best for you. Accounting case study tends to get longer and a complex process, but decorating in the right way can boost your confidence for your case study help.

5. Add colour

Make sure to add light colours like purple, green and blue to inspire feelings of balance and peace. On the other hand, warm colours like yellow and orange inspire creativity and even restlessness. If you are anxious about upcoming exams, it is best to choose cool colours. On the other hand, if you require a certain level of push, go for warmer colours.

6. proper noise levels

Some learners prefer doing their task with music playing background while others like perfect silence. Make sure to find a space where the noise is consistent and well-suited for your taste.

7. Abide by a clock

Your study space must have a clock, and it should be visible where you are sitting. It will help you track how much time you will have to spend on a particular task. However, make sure the clock does not remind you about the TV show or sports.

Use these suggested tips when you lack productivity. Productivity starts from your home. So, make sure to make it an ideal space for it.

SUMMARY: Your study space can create a big difference in how you study. So you must do everything to make it a productive space for you to study. Follow all suggested tips if you want to improve your productivity skill.

AUTHOR BIO: Michael Haydon is a high school teacher at one of the best schools in the UK. He is also a part of, where he offers help with an accounting case study to students.



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