How to Make Your Bathroom Aesthetic

How to Make Your Bathroom Aesthetic

Organizing a convenient storage system for the bathroom is quite difficult. Because bathroom remodel is so important. After all, it is necessary to organize an impressive number of small items: these are brushes, combs, tubes of cream, cotton swabs, and so on. How to place small things so that it does not interfere, is always at hand and does not create a feeling of chaos? Of course for bathroom remodel ideas you can apply to remodeling service, but we have collected for you the most ingenious and original storage ideas that will help you cope with this difficult task.

Consider pipe placement

At the repair stage, consider how and where the pipes and taps will be placed. Their installation in the wall will help free up space. However, if you are embarrassed by the risk that the pipe will “leak”, then it is better to leave it outside, but close it with a tile box for a more aesthetic appearance.

Find your own place for each large item

Place the sink opposite the entrance or in the corner, where it will take up less space and allow you to hang a corner cabinet above it. You should not place the washbasin close to the bath, as there should be space near it for the free movement of hands. Also, the sink can be installed near the bathtub if the latter is a corner one, thus, next to a smaller corner, the washbasin will look harmonious.

Also, do not place the toilet close to the sink. A cantilevered – hanging – toilet bowl will help save a small floor space. If you plan to install a shower cabin, pay attention to whether there is enough space to open the doors.

Make several types of lighting that can be turned on separately

Different lighting scenarios should be not only in the living room, but also in the bathroom. Provide the brightest lighting next to the washbasin: the main cosmetic procedures take place here. The light does not need to be directed into the eyes, but it should illuminate the face.

You can install a lamp next to the bathroom, which will either be used as an additional light during hygiene procedures, or as a backlight if you like to read while lying in the bathroom.

Don’t forget the ventilation system

A heated towel rail will help reduce the humidity in the room. This is a useful item for drying towels, and even placing them. At the same time, you should not refuse the ventilation system. It can be mounted in the lower part of the bathroom door. Combining the ventilation system with the main lighting in the bathroom will allow you not to worry about airing the room. While you are taking a shower, the fan “pulls out” the dampness..

Place the washing machine under the same countertop as the sink

It often happens that there is nowhere to put the washing machine, and not only because of the small dimensions of the room. But also simply because of the contradiction with the general style of the interior in the bathroom. Then you can make a common countertop for the sink and washing machine, which will not only combine these items into one ensemble, but also provide a place where you can put the powder prepared for washing, or a basin for washed clothes.

Choose hanging bathroom furniture

Hanging furniture saves space well – the cabinet can be placing above the sink or toilet. However, you should not place furniture in close proximity to the bathroom – it can deteriorate from water. Cabinet doors must open without interference.

Use hanging shelves

Corner shelves are convenient for storing jars, bottles and bottles. It is better to place items in the following way: at eye level, place the most frequently used things, above – those that you need once a week or less often, and even higher – items that you remember several times a year.

Use the space above the door

If the bathroom can’t boast of square meters, think vertically – use the space under the ceiling. For example, hang a shelf above the door. Just do not force it with a lot of unnecessary things – remember the aesthetics. Also, make sure you have good fasteners.


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