How to open a nail salon

How to open a nail salon

How to open a nail salon from scratch? This question worries many of those. Who are directly connected with the beauty. And youth industry by the nature of their activities. But, it would seem, what is so difficult? I bought nail files, gels, and varnishes. Put a table for work. And a chair for the client in the center of the room. Everything is ready! However, manicure and pedicure masters know this list is far from enough. Plus many bureaucratic obstacles and nuances. In this article. We will talk about everything. That a future businessman needs to know.

Basic Steps

Opening any business requires the following four main steps:

  • preparation. Includes the theoretical part of the problem. At this stage, drawing up a business plan with calculations. And estimates is advisable. Consulting with those who have already opened. Or opened a nail service studio. Studying the legislative framework and acts. Possible benefits for businessmen, etc.
  • room. Finding a nail salon is harder than it seems. Choosing involves many factors. Dimensions to human flow. Nail masters working (one master or several).
  • documentation. Next, you will need to prepare all the necessary documents. Which is required for registering your own business. Taking into account the requirements of the law.
  • staff. If you are not going to work on your own. This is a necessary step. Long before the opening of the salon. You must have a staff of manicure and pedicure masters. Who will work on the basis of an employment contract.

Preparing for the opening of the salon

If the decision to open a nail service studio is irrevocable. It is worth deciding on several important aspects of the future business.

What will your salon look like?

So, where to start? Manicure, pedicure and related services offered by such establishments give people beauty and self-confidence. That is why the salon, office, and counter design should correspond to the services offered here. The flow of customers. And their mood directly depend on how thoughtful and spectacular the appearance of your establishment will be. Everything must be foreseen whether one master will work in the salon or several.

Some current styles that are in the spotlight today are:

  • – high tech. Glass, metal, classic lines, discreet, laconic colors, comfortable and modern, albeit not luxurious furniture – all this is very popular with customers.
  • – pop Art. Bright colors and fireworks of emotions, multi-colored decorative elements. And neon decoration perfectly cheer up and direct thoughts in a creative direction.
  • – classic. Used by VIP establishments. This design captivates with luxurious design elements. Noble shades and sophistication.
  • – Provence. Tenderness and comfort – this is how you can characterize the rooms decorated in this style. They are characterized by restrained tones, heavenly colors, and charming vintage gizmos.

These are not all the options you can choose for decorating your nail service establishment.

Salon format

Imagine what your Nail Salon Business Plan should look like. There are three main options:

  • – an island in the shopping center (nail bar) Typically, such private locations look like small manicure stands for one client in the aisles of hypermarkets. Where there is high human traffic. These organizations offer express manicure services. At a fairly low fee. The main advantage of this business template is a small initial entry threshold. That is, the cost of consumables and equipment. And the workplace organization will be minimal.
  • – nail salon. Opening it is a much more expensive event. In addition, the manicurist and the client will be much more comfortable in silence.
  • – studio or beauty salon. It is a spacious room with several offices and workplaces. A foyer for relaxing and waiting. And perhaps even a bar for clients. This format will cost more. But earnings will be many times higher.

For the manicure business to be completely legal, several requirements must be met:

  • – to the premises. It should refer to non-residential stock and be suitable for the provision of such services.
  • – to the sanitary books. This document must be drawn up without fail. Not only by employees providing services. But also by all employees of the organization. A sanitary book is necessary for working with people.
  • -decoration. Tax registration and registration of IP is a mandatory components of success. Recently, you can register as self-employed.

Legal form

Legally, nail service must be registered. Sole proprietorship or LLC are two options. Each lists duties.


All benefits:

  • no need for reporting, while a fairly low tax and the ability to immediately use the profit for its intended purpose.
  • the possibility of registering an individual entrepreneur at the place of residence of the owner.
  • a small number of fines for detected violations.

All disadvantages:

  • IP can be issued only for one person; it turns out that a joint business. In this case, is impossible. Rather, it will not be possible to document it.
  • the enterprise cannot be sold or donated.

Taxation system


This type of taxation requires strict accounting. Therefore, a novice businessman is not recommended at first to resort to this interaction format with government agencies. In addition, this is not necessary for a small enterprise. Just do not forget to write an application for switching to a simplified form of tax accounting. When processing documents at the tax office.


This format is intended for small businesses. It implies a reduction in the tax burden, is easy to maintain tax records. It can only be of only two types:

  • taxes on income in the amount of 6% of the total amount;
  • taxes on income minus expenses – 15%.


This type of taxation provides for special conditions. Potential income is calculated based on the following factors:

  • – the number of employees of the enterprise;
  • – a total usable area of ​​the premises;
  • – the coefficient established at the legislative level.

Approximately the owner pays from 7.5 to 15%.


This form is recommended for enterprises with less than 15 employees. The tax is calculated based on the value of the patent. The price of which depends on the decision of the regional authorities. LLC, this form is not available, only IP.

Business plan

Having tuned in to your own business and thinking about how to open an enterprise. You need to think about a business plan. This document will open before you all the realities of the upcoming process. The necessary costs and very real profits.

Among the main points of the business plan and the calculation of the estimate. It is necessary to mention:

  • nail services. This includes the services that you intend to provide to your customers. This affects the cost of materials and equipment.
  • marketing. How to open a nail salon without ads? Today it is impossible. Word of mouth, of course, has not been canceled. But there are a lot of enterprises on the market for similar services today. And you also need to be able to compete with them. You must know exactly how you will promote your salon. With flyers, banners, radio ads, TV ads, your blog or web page, etc.
  • production plan. If you are thinking about opening a business with hired personnel. This item will become one of the most important. Each employee should be listed with his duties: manicurists, administrator, cleaner, accountant, and the costs necessary for their maintenance: payments to various authorities, wages, etc.

Risk management

Costs must be accounted for in full. Start with simple nail polish. And end with renting a manicure room and decorating a workplace for employees. This is necessary to determine the exact expenses and the payback period. The latter for enterprises of this kind varies from 6 to 8 months.

Room search

  • – a beauty salon should be located in a detached house or an annex.
  • – The lease must be based on a contract.

Pay close attention to the following details:

  • – location. The closer the object is located in the city center. A place of high traffic flow – the better.
  • – appearance. The better the repaired premises for rent. The higher the cost, and vice versa. However, when choosing an area with an insufficiently presentable appearance. It is worth remembering the additional costs of restoration. Sometimes you likely need to pay more for the rent of a manicure parlor. Than to involve yourself in a long-term repair.
  • – conditions for renting a nail service room. For novice businessmen. It is worth noting that the low rental price is a signal that there are pitfalls here. That is, there are problems that the landlord is not ready to voice. Even at the expense of losing his own profit. Carefully study the documents. And examine every corner of the room and communications.
  • – neighborhood. Here it is important to consider the proximity of establishments. And the adequacy of neighbors living. For example, on the second floor above a beauty salon in a residential building.
  • – atmosphere. The basement usually smells like mold.
  • – transport. Not every person can afford to come to the beauty parlor. In their car. Or by taxi. So a bus stop or metro station a few steps from the salon is a big bonus.

Collection of documents

To open a nail salon. Or a nail bar. You must collect a large document package. You can then visit various authorities. Which are responsible for the legality of your business.

For registration

For registration actions, you will need:

  • – an application of the established form (for individual entrepreneurs or LLCs).
  • – A photocopy of your passport.
  • – receipts for payment of state duties.
  • – application for the implementation of a simplified tax system
  • – contracts with employees, their diplomas and certificates, and the landlord.


In summary, it is worth saying that the success of an enterprise depends on a huge number of factors. For example, let’s say you can’t find good manicure service masters with diplomas and certificates. Which means you need to grow your staff independently. On the one hand, it is convenient to simply send those who want to study. On the other hand, it is somewhat more expensive. And the experience of a master’s is a matter of time. And it is quite scary to lose the trust of customers because of a clumsy novice worker.

Despite all the possible obstacles. Starting a nail business is not as difficult as it might seem. All you need to do is to rent a space. Formalize your activities. Find employees and take advantage of all the opportunities that advertising provides. Everything will work!

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