How To Play Safe While Riding An Electric Unicycle

How To Play Safe While Riding An Electric Unicycle

Many people wonder if unicycles are safe enough to opt for a ride. Others compare them to e-scooters or other electric vehicles that can become alternatives. The truth is, this situation really depends on the rider and how they maintain it. If you don’t take valid care of your ride, even a truck could go down in weeks!

However, there surely are some basic pre-reqs to keep in mind whether you are an expert or a newbie. If you want to know more about how electric unicycles are supposedly ‘unsafe’ and what happens if you don’t put your motorcycle riding shoes on, let’s dive in!
Electric unicycles vs non-electric

You might have seen traditional unicycles in a circus or show. In old-school circuses, these unicycles were used to ride on a rope for an audience. Today electric unicycles play a bigger role than just some entertainment in a show.

They are a means of short-distance transport, a style, and a method of training oneself for other activities that require balance expertise. For instance, these activities include skiing, skating or ice-skating.

Just as traditional non-electric cycles were an art when using a skilled artist, e-unicycles are safe and powerful. You can ride them safely if you train them well enough. However, even the most experienced experts take precautions and implement the basics to stay safe during a ride.

Riding EUC on a bumpy path

EUCs have a wide and fat single wheel that can stay stable like a random bike. The wheel is not only wide enough to handle regular bumps you might find on the road, but it offers more than that. With this thing, you can ride on a bumpy, edgy path and even climb up a small hill.

Given that you have your motorcycle riding shoes on and driving at a normal speed, there’s minimal risk. However, remember that you should have enough to climb a hill when you decide to climb one. If you don’t, your unicycle can likely halt midway, and the hill’s gradient makes your way back unsafe!


Unicycles are easy to move around. Not only that, but they have an in-built mechanism that keeps them safe. As long as you become an expert at the two-foot practice, you’ll notice this mechanism doing the work for you.

When you try to slow down, the vehicle will support your path and turn whenever you want to turn. This is because it understands the motion the rider attempts to give to it. And don’t worry, this option stays intact whether you’re wearing motorcycle riding shoes or not.


Hopefully, now you have a clearer view of what electric unicycles are. Remember that you need to charge them right and keep them out of water. All else is up to the mechanism of the unicycle itself.

Ride it even on a bit longer distances, and it will never disappoint you! To buy premium quality motorcycle riding shoes for your ride, look at the new Kinetic DL collections!


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