How to Professionally Draft an E-Mail for Late Homework Submission with a Homework Helper

How to Professionally Draft an E-Mail for Late Homework Submission with a Homework Helper

Late submission is a common problem that students usually face. There might be several factors that lead to delayed delivery. Procrastination, sudden plans, and an emergency might prevent scholar from submitting a write-up on time. Homework helper is the only ray of hope when no solution seems your way.

After realizing it is impossible to deliver homework on time, you might think about professionally drafting an e-mail.
Do not worry next section contains tips regarding extensions and apologies to the respective professor.

Keep Email Concise

It is obvious to feel nervous when you deliver a document timely. Do not overshare explaining every detail regarding the late handover in an email. With time shortage, a professor will appreciate the straight reason.

Instead of saying- I genuinely apologize for the late delivery. My reasons were genuine.” I can not believe how it turned out to be late. I put in my efforts but due to some technical errors, I will be unable to submit the project. This mistake will not happen again in the future.

Tip- Drat precisely and say “I apologize for turning in this homework late. In the future, I will avoid doing the same and take my work more seriously.

Use Professional Tone

Even though you and your professor have informal terms, it is best to stay formal over email. While writing ensure that the tone is polite and does not hurt other person’s sentiment.

Avoid the usage of Hi, Hello, Dear in greeting. It should not sound like you are demanding something.

Tip- Writing an extension would help me, instead of quoting- I need an extension. Remember to use words such as Please and Thankyou.


You have to assure your professor that you respect their time. Without mentioning this thing, you will sound ungrateful.

Avoid saying- I apologize for my late homework- my reasons are valid.

Tip- Instead, say- I do not want to waste your time. I apologize for the late delivery, as it will show my irresponsibility towards my grades which is not correct.

Ask for an Extension

University Professors get a request for an extension from a lot of students. So, make sure to specify valid and thoughtful reasons- these will increase your chances of extension.

Avoid saying I need 5-6 days to complete a particular project because such duration is long, and no professor will agree on that.

Tip- Instead, mention- I require extra 24-48 hours to go through my homework for better clarity and to explore fully.

Take Responsibility

It is hard to take charge on yourself, especially when things are not in your control. But accepting and taking responsibility will work here. It would tell how maturely and professionally you handle the situation.

Avoid saying- Honestly it is not my fault, incidences led to the delay that was not in my control.

Tip- Instead, say- I was not prepared that an emergency would occur. If I started my homework earlier, such a problem would not rise. I accept my fault and take full responsibility for the delay.

Drafting straight to a point, email is essential if you need an extension and want to limit penalties from the professor’s end. If such an issue occurs in the future, you are now aware of how to draft an email with no scope of errors and high chances of approval. Follow the tips mentioned above to draft an online mail professionally. Still, if you feel the timely submission is a subject of concern, seek assistance from a homework helper for better grades and improved performance.


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