How to Recover Data from a Destroyed iPhone?

How to Recover Data from a Destroyed iPhone?

As we use smartphones daily there is a lot of data that is stored on them. When data can be in the form of images, files, documents, or any other source of storage. Sometimes we might lose this data because I wanted experiences. No matter how old I am on the phone the date again still would be covered. However, the real thing comes upon when the major part of your mobile phone is the screen damaged. Will you still be able to recover the data on your mobile phone?

A destroyed iPhone can be defined in many different ways it can either be damaged from physical aspects or internal aspects. You can approach an iPhone repair service to achieve guidance. However, there are certain things that you have to keep in mind while you want to recover the data from your old iPhone.


When was the last time you back up the data on your iPhone?

No matter how much storage space we have internally built an iPhone yet we will need the iCloud for the backup. As been your iPhone is destroyed and if you haven’t backed it up with iCloud all the data will be destroyed with your mobile phone. The better option is to switch to iCloud and then back up your data. You will be able to back up the data on any device by logging into your Apple ID or iCloud ID. If you have recently backed up the data from your iCloud or on a Mac or a PC then you are lucky enough as you will be able to recover all the data to date.

However, if your backup is long gone then you might have to face some problems as the data will be backed up right from the date when you last did the backup. You can also switch on the automatic backup update in the iCloud option from your iPhone itself. However, you have to keep in mind that iCloud has limited storage that is free of charge and after that extent, you will have to pay some amount of money every month to maintain the storage space and extend it.

You might only get the idea of backup while you sell iPhones online. Only till you realize that you must have done it earlier.


Is your iPhone recognized by any of the MAC or PC devices?

There might be some issues with your mobile phone. But even if it is giving us light home by switching on then you can still have the host recover the data. You can connect your iPhone to your PC or MacBook.  Then through iTunes you can transfer or back up the data from your iPhone. However, you will need the USB cord to enter connect both of the devices.  And transfer or back up the data.

Make sure that both the devices turn on and are interconnected with each other. Whether it is your MacBook audio you can launch for Finder on a Mac. Or iTunes on Windows by any of it call ever Mama. You have to keep in mind that you might get off on a trusted device while you are going to transfer. You will be allowed access to your iPhone screen before it will communicate with your computer.  If your screen is not responsive then it could be difficult to function further

  • You will have the option of creating a new backup on the Mac book.
  • All you have to do is select the device on the Finder side bye. Then click on the general option followed by backing up all of the data on your iPhone to this MacBook.
  • You can also enter the backup with the password to secure it. Once you have done it you can now click on back up to start the process.
  • if you are using a Windows PC then you can launch iTunes by clicking on the iPhone icon in the top left corner.
  • Click on summary followed by backup now. You can easily restore all these back up from iPhone using Finder on iTunes on windows.

If you already have an iCloud backup and are using other iCloud services like iCloud Photo Library, you don’t necessarily need to do this.



If you are unable to back up the data from your device to another MacBook Windows PC.  You haven’t had enough space on the iCloud then you might want to get your device repaired.  If you value the data on your mobile. You can avail of iPhone repair services that will repair or fix the problem. That is coming up with your iPhone to access your data.

But you do not have to worry about the iPhone repair expenses.  If you are not planning to use the same device again. Then you do not need to repair it to a completely perfect state.  But only to the state where it will be able to transfer the backup.





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