How to switch to QuickBooks from a different accounting software?

How to switch to QuickBooks from a different accounting software?

Using some other software and want to perform the steps to switch to QuickBooks from different accounting software? If yes, then this post will surely help. It should be noted that one can convert certain lists and reports from other accounting software to QuickBooks. Read ahead to find out the steps involved in this process. However, in case of any query, you can get in touch with our team at +1-888-351-0999 and ask them to perform the necessary steps for you.

Furthermore, such errors are caused by incompatible programs running at the same time. This error can hamper the overall working of the software and when it occurs the system freezes for a couple of seconds or minutes. Also, in certain situations, the program might crash completely.  Moreover, if there is a memory issue, a bad graphics driver, or a virus infection, then it is probable to end up in such an error.

Switching to QuickBooks from different accounting software

The user will be required to save the lists or reports in excel or .CSV format to move them to QuickBooks. One can import the list and balances. And some lists and reports that the user might require from the existing software include the following:

  • Account lists
  • Customer lists
  • Employee lists
  • Inventory/itemem lists
  • Vendor lists

The user is required to run the financial reports for importing the balances. And before transferring the reports to QuickBooks, create the reports for the same dates. This step will ensure that switching to QuickBooks becomes smooth.

  • Balance sheet
  • Trial balance (Only account closing balances will be imported)
  • A/R aging detail (Name, Amount, Document Number, Date and due date)
  • A/P aging detail (Name, amount, document number, date and due date)

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Information related to how QuickBooks matches the fields you import

  • Chart of accounts (name, number, and account type)
  • Customer list (name, company name, contact (2), bill to address (1), ship to address (1), phone (2), fax (1), email(1))
  • Employee list (name, SSN #, address (1), Mobile phone (1), email(1))
  • Item list (type, name, description, price, cost, qty on hand, value on hand, income account, COGS,\Expense Account, Asset account
  • Vendor list (name, company name, contact (2), main address (1), phone (2), fax (1), email(1))
  • Classes (a category on your lists) won’t convert from other accounting programs. The user won’t be able to reconcile as there isn’t any historical data in the migrated file.

One must import the reports in the order below for a successful migration. The user should learn the process to import QuickBooks data.

  • Chart of accounts
  • Customer list
  • Vendors list
  • Item list
  • Employee list
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable

We end the post right here, with the hope that the information shared in above might help in switching to QuickBooks from another accounting software easily. However, if you aren’t able to or you need our assistance at any point of time, then feel free to contact our QuickBooks Premier Support team at +1-888-351-0999 and let our support professionals help you with the process. We are a team of technically sound experts who know the steps that can be performed to convert to QuickBooks.

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