How to use the saving calculator?

How to use the saving calculator?

We all save to achieve our financial objectives but this can sometimes be difficult without using a savings calculator

A savings calculator helps to evaluate the amount you need to save monthly or yearly and its interest to achieve your goal. It also compares and contrasts your savings from diverse angles and factors. For instance, tax, and inflation, among others. 

Understanding these helps you manage your expenses wisely and save for the future. It also determines what type of savings account you need to open and the amount to deposit. Furthermore, your annual percentage rate, length of deposit, amount, and frequency of saving can also be changed. 

How to use Saving Calculator?

It’s important to understand the features of a saving calculator before you start creating your savings plans. To know the best way to save your money, use these methods based on the features as a guide. 

Starting Amount

When starting a savings plan you need to decide on the starting amount you want to deposit into your account. The starting amount is the money you are depositing into your account for a start-up. And it will be entered into your calculators as your starting point. 

You can deposit as much or as little as you can afford but still, some of these accounts have minimum savings requirements. But depositing a large amount initially makes your money grow faster. For instance, starting with $200 as a deposit. 

Additional Savings

It’s the amount of money you deposit on a normal basis. It is not compulsory, but for the benefit of speeding up an account, you need to deposit additional savings occasionally. It’s not only meant for putting extra money aside but also for adding to the principal that accrues interest. 


This is the time you will be depositing in your account, whether weekly, monthly, or yearly. Also, the time of deposit may be the beginning or end of the month. 


Duration is the period the person is planning to invest in growing his account. At the end of this period, the value of your account will be calculated. Although the longer you stay invested, your compound of interest keeps increasing.  

Annual Percentage Rate

This is the annual rate for your savings account and the interest expected to earn. The global average saving rate is 0.06% while others with high yield saving accounts earn much more. By putting this number into your savings calculator you will be able to know the rate at which your starting savings and others’ savings have grown. 

Compound Interest

This is the total interest earned from your actual savings interest. The saving calculator reveals the gross interest earned over the past few years. Specification of compound account is important, stating if the account compound interest is on a daily, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. 

The Bottom line 

If you are saving up for an emergency fund or a special project then a saving calculator will help you to know the amount of money you need. 


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