ICB Boxes and Other Eco-Friendly Custom Tea Boxes

ICB Boxes and Other Eco-Friendly Custom Tea Boxes

Aside from the usual black or brown boxes, it is also possible to find YBY boxes or other similar brands that are made of kraft paper. This type of packaging is an eco-friendly choice, and it offers your brand an excellent opportunity to showcase its products. Custom tea boxes are also great for packaging bakery goods or baked goods, and you can opt to choose them in the form of gift boxes, too. Custom tea boxes can be used as giveaways to promote your business.

ICB Boxes

ICB Boxes custom tea box printing solutions can give your brand a custom identity. The company offers high-quality printing services for custom-made tea boxes. They can book your order quickly and easily. Using custom-printed tea boxes can help your brand set trends, win competition, and stand out. You can customize your Tea box with embellishments, cut-outs, and other design elements to make it more eye-catching and more aesthetically pleasing.

If you need a unique and branded tea box, ICB Boxes can help you achieve this goal. They design distinctive boxes, and even embossed and printed logos. ICB Boxes’ expert craftsmen ensure your brand is featured in every detail. The final product will not only be aesthetically pleasing but will also influence consumer behavior. With ICB Boxes, you’ll be able to control every detail from the box design to the box’s color and shape.


Printed bakery boxes not only protect the sweet treats inside, but also give your business a professional image. In addition, these boxes are functional and versatile, allowing you to use them for both packaging your baked goods and gifting them. Printed boxes are available with a variety of designs and patterns to make them stand out from the crowd. Many of them have windows and are perfect for presenting cakes and pastries. Customized boxes also allow you to incorporate your brand’s logo and other designs to make them stand out.

When choosing bakery packaging boxes, think about the needs of your customers and your business. Are you planning to use them for retail purposes? If so, you should consider purchasing custom-made boxes. These will help you maximize your sale and become a show stopper for your customers. Bakery packaging boxes are an excellent option for any business, and ICB Boxes is ready to help you achieve your business goals. You can choose from several styles and colors to fit your needs and budget.


The use of custom tea boxes can boost your business’ visibility in the market. Tea is a refreshing tincture with a variety of benefits. Its packaging helps protect the tea from moisture and preserve its freshness for longer. The boxes also enhance the appearance of your products, creating anticipation in the minds of your customers. At the same time, these boxes help you increase profits. So, if you are looking for the perfect tea packaging, consider hiring ICB.

If you are a herbal company that sells chamomile and other health teas, consider using custom tea boxes by Emenac Packaging. The company offers a variety of options for custom boxes, including unique opening and closing styles. For a unique and eye-catching presentation, you can include information on the health benefits of the tea, as well as its flavor and consumption instructions. You’ll never be short on options for a custom tea box, thanks to the Emenac Packaging team.

Kraft paper

Looking for Kraft Paper Tea Box? LazMall is your one-stop-shop for affordable and high-quality tea boxes. With millions of products, Lazada is the place to go for all your packaging needs. Find affordable tea boxes from a wide selection of products on the site. Check out the different sellers’ ratings and reviews. Also, compare prices carefully and look for coupons and discounts for the best price. A few tips will help you choose the best tea box for your needs.

For a rustic look, opt for kraft boxes. You can use bleaching to change the color of the box, but many people prefer the brown look. The kraft box is also eco-friendly. Companies need to do more to fight pollution, and consumers expect brands to go green. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a box made of kraft paper. It is an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective alternative to fully-printed boxes.


To ensure the tea leaves are protected from the elements, use cardboard tea boxes. Tea leaves are light, and you can even use these boxes to hold books. They are convenient to carry and are usually smaller than standard boxes. Choose a seal-end style to prevent the air from getting into the box, and consider using a foil-lined lid to add a personal touch. Here are some tips on customizing cardboard tea boxes.

The design of your packaging is important – you can go for a minimal, understated look or something bold. Incorporate your logo and tagline for a clean and modern look. A simple design is not limited to one colour or style, and a subtle color palette can work well with your branding. For example, Smith Tea uses a neutral palette of black and white, with a touch of gold. In addition, the box’s glossy finish and hot stamping make it easy to remember.


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