If You Make Use Of Resilient Bars, Don’t Mess It Up!

If You Make Use Of Resilient Bars, Don’t Mess It Up!

As per building regulations the floor and ceiling assemblies for parties must have the minimum Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating of 50. To attain this level of isolation designers typically specify a resilient channel (aka Z bar) with two layers of Gypsum wallboard. But, there’s a misconception that a resilient channel cannot accommodate multiple layers of gypsum board in ceiling/floor assemblies. Although we don’t know where this myth originated, there is evidence that shows that a resilient channel attached to the underside of floor joists is able to support two layers of 5/8-inch or 1/2-inch Gypsum wallboard. Gypframe rb1 resilient bar, an acoustic floor solution that is used in the renovation or conversion of a home. It can be upgraded on the timber joist floors in order to comply with the specifications in the Building Regulations for separating floors between rooms caused by an alteration of usage or conversion.

Key Benefits

It provides a substantial improvement in the acoustic quality, which makes it a great upgrade to transform a poorly performing floor into one that is Building Regulations compliant

It adds just 7mm to existing floor height, minimising the impact on fittings and fixtures when compared with alternative options, such as floating flooring systems

The transfer of impact noise from the floor structure to the space below, for instance, impact noise from footfalls or furniture movements. This is reduced by the neoprene strip that is integrally located inside Gypframe SIF floor channels

The acoustic performance of the floor can be further enhanced when you install Gypframe rb1 resilient bar to keep the ceiling lining from Joists

A building could be improved with regard to the acoustic. and fire performance without the need for extensive modifications or access accessible from above only

Gypfloor Silent Components Of The System

Gypframe SIF1 Floor channel: Channel with an integrated acoustic isolation unit set on the top of timber joists that are smaller in or greater than 63mm to be able to support Gyproc Plank.

Gypframe SIF2 Floor channel: Channel with an integrated acoustic isolation unit placed on top of timber joists more than 75mm in width to help support Gyproc Plank. Also , it is used around the edges.

Gypframe SIF4 Floor Channels: channel with an integrated acoustic isolation unit placed on top of timber joists ranging from 64mm to 75mm wide, which help support Gyproc Plank.

Gypframe RB1 Resilient Bar: Acoustically engineered channel that separates board fixing from timber joist, and to prevent nail popping.

Gypframe RB2: The Sound-Isolating Bar utilised to enhance the sound quality of ceilings as well as wall systems.

Gypfloor Silent Design

The design of the building GypFloor silent consists of Gypframe RB1 resilient bar installation which are placed on the upper surfaces of the timber beams as well as Gypframe RB1 Sturdy Bars which are attached to the bottom of the timber Joists.

Planning Is One Of The Most Important Aspects

The GypFloor silent system increases 7mm on the height of the top joists. The finished surface of ceiling linings applied will be 16mm, plus what the board linings are thicker that are located on the side of the joists that is the Gypframe rb1 resilient bar price.

Ceiling linings need to be in place prior to installing plaster or dry lining on walls. If this isn’t feasible ceiling linings must position in a clean manner to the wall.

Structural Structure: The system is design for floors make of timber with a distribute load up to 5.0kN/m2 and a maximum point weight of 4.5kN. A rise in the weight of the floor is expect by upgrading.

Handy Hint

  • Gypframe SIF Floor Channels are able to accommodate the following Joist sizes:
  • Gypframe SIF1 Floor Channels for joists up to 63mm
  • Gypframe Floor Channel SIF4 for joists between 64 and 75mm
  • Gypframe SIF2 Floor Channels for Joists greater than 75mm


Textured, ready-mix, silicone decorative finish to use as a weather-proof decorative finish. This ready-mix render that is through-colour comes in a broad variety of colours. Texture silicone render for the application on a surface that has be prepare.

This 1.5mm aggregate content gives an even texture for the decorative finish. If use in conjunction with an all-coat renderer system. Webersil TF that is apply to a base coat provides an alternative to colour render.

  • Highly water-resistant and provides maximum protection for the facade.
  • Highly permeable to vapours.
  • Weatherproof with UV stability.
  • Susceptibility to soiling is low.
  • It is part of a variety of BBA approve insulation systems.

Webersil Tf can be use for external wall insulation systems like weber therm XM. The specifiers are advise to consult the Weber Synthetic Colour Guide for more details. The final colour selection should be compare to the actual colour of the sample.

Construction’s Importance

If you wish for your home to be protect from the elements in addition to looking stunning for at least two decades A render that is insulate. A through-colour Monocouche render or a light coating system are what you want.

Render is the perfect solution for old and new houses, providing both practical and aesthetic advantages. Combine extensions effortlessly, shield from rain and wind and enjoy a stunning exterior with the colour of your choice. These are only a few of the reasons people decide to render their homes.

The Benefits Of Rendering A Building

It can take 25 years to render or more, which means it’s an important choice that isn’t one you want to make. There are many advantages of rendering systems that can be beneficial for any type of residences.

If you’re trying to decide whether you should make your home renderable take a look below through some main reasons to consider it.

Secure Your Property

In addition to the other advantages rendering is a vital security. No matter if your home is new or older, rendering will provide protection against weathering by securing the blockwork, stone or brick.

However well your structure is build in the beginning, the elements may be a burden. This may let damp and water enter the structure, causing damage and extending into the interior of the building.

It is possible to stop this from happening, by creating an impervious and smooth surface that blocks water from entering. Sleet, hail, and rain all wash away from the building, making the structure look as good as new.

If you own an older property that you are concerned about water leaking through, rendering could solve the issue. It is also a good option to apply to new buildings to stop any destruction from elements before it happens.

The render insulation panels underneath the render shields you from freezing temperatures and frost as well as dampness. It will also help lower your energy bills by keeping the heat within the building. This is not getting out through walls that are not properly insulate.

Gorgeous New Style

If your house appears older than it should you have a few ways to make it look fresher? The rendering process is a great option for all kinds of reasons and makes. It appears better and also giving it protection. Weber/Parex rendering is easily apply to older houses to cover up exteriors that look worn out, dirty and dirty.

If the brickwork you have is infeste with mould or organic growth and fungus. It must be clean prior to rendering it on. This can done using Weber CL150/Parex Mould Buster, a water-base masonry cleaner and steriliser make to remove. The buildup prior to rendering as well as before the use of any other decorative finishes.

Other decorative finishes like Weber Pral M/Parex Monorex (A through-colour render which is apply 15mm thick) and Weber Sil Parex TF Revlane (A Silicone base thin coat system) are available in a variety of colours that provide complete protection for any exterior part of your house.

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