Importance of Custom Boxes for Small Cosmetic Businesses

Importance of Custom Boxes for Small Cosmetic Businesses

What is one proven way for brand growth? It is undeniable brand recognition. A high level of brand awareness and customer retention is only possible when your custom boxes emit a powerful brand identity.

When was the last time you bought beauty products? It must not be long ago. Skincare and cosmetics are staple items bought frequently by customers. Stats reveal that women in the U.S. spend an average of $3000 on beauty items annually. Men and women both invest in the best skincare products, making the global skincare market worth $148.3 billion.

What makes for effective skincare packaging?

With so much customer interest in skincare, it only makes intense competition real. Customers are not only spoiled for choice in terms of the skincare range but also for the sheer number of brands to choose from.

Can you think of an element that helps customers make the final decision?

Experts indicate that the skincare boxes have a lot to do with influencing customers to make a purchase decision. It is how well the brand is known by buyers that compels them to buy from the business time and over.

But what truly makes the boxes stand out from the crowd? The brand title and logo are definitely significant but not enough on their own to entice customers. There is a whole new science behind offering customers a personalized shopping experience that lets them instantly notice the skincare business.

An introduction to personalized packaging

What would you rather choose? A skincare product packaged in a lively mix of colors communicating directly with the buyer or one that seems shabby and generic? The former one we bet!

You are not alone in this, studies show that there is a high percentage of customers (almost 65%) that prefers personalized packaging. Brand image is everything in the skincare markets. Customers want to feel good when they buy their favorite items and the experience starts with the way the skincare boxes appeal to them.

Are you still doubtful whether personalization is the new packaging solution? Have a look below:

  1. Display

The display is the most important part of branding. A brand can invest heavily in digital marketing but if its packaging is not attractive enough, customers would snub it among the lot.

All popular skincare brands have one common factor, and that is their enticing skincare packaging boxes. When launching new brands or products, businesses try to divert customers’ focus using a captivating display of brand features.

Here is what you can do to ensure that your packaging doesn’t go unnoticed:

  • Put your brand image prominently on the boxes. You can use foil stamping, embossed letters, and contemporary visual effects.
  • Use a mix of shades that are popular yet go with the underlying brand identity. Customers are instantly drawn to enticing color hues.
  • Put on engaging illustrations.

Certain box shapes look better than others. Innovative box dimensions often seem more prominent than the rest.

  1. Messaging

Modern customers are well aware of what they want. They look for the ideal skincare products by reviewing the box descriptions.

It is a great way to get your desired marketing material to the target customers. You can provide buyers with an interesting read by using clear texts, language, and relevant font shades. Consumers look forward to a compelling unboxing experience. Printing their name or putting handwritten notes inside the custom boxes extends a personalized shopping experience.

Moreover, you should make sure that the box appeal communicates a strong brand story that resonates with the overall marketing objectives.

  1. Customized protection

Not every skincare product can be boxed in pre-made containers. Most of these require custom-made boxes for better protection.

Your brand must get boxes that can keep the contents safe at warehouses and while in transit. There are numerous custom options to choose from including:

  • Custom box thicknesses. Fragile skincare items need stiffer boxes.
  • Putting extra coverings such as custom sleeves and handles.
  • Using varied stock paper types.
  • Enhancing seals and locks. Branded tapes can be incorporated to maximize protection.
  • Layering the boxes with laminations and coatings to keep the contents resistant to heat and moisture.

A host of printing effects safeguard the custom printed shipping boxes against potentially harmful weather and warehouse conditions.

  1. Cater to the precise customer demographic

One of the most fascinating features of personalized skincare boxes is that they are created for the intended customer group. You could be selling varied types of skincare items to a host of customer demographics. One box appeal is definitely not enough to intrigue all the potential clients.

It is a powerful method to encapsulate customers and expand the core customer base. Some tips might help:

  • State the product descriptions.
  • Use bio-degradable boxes for millennial customers.
  • Print the boxes with relevant languages and colors for the target customers.

For instance, putting too much seems confusing for customers. Creating skincare boxes randomly without reflecting the brand value, or printing with unclear effects, etc.

The important thing is to ensure that every box detail pertains to the signature brand image and the core customer base. Personalized custom boxes are at the forefront of unboxing videos. These add immensely to the brand image while maintaining cost and profit levels.


By now you must be convinced of getting custom skincare packaging and certain handy tips for the same. It is time you step up your packaging game by communicating with buyers like never before!

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