Improve Your Running Performance with these Vitamins and Herbs

Improve Your Running Performance with these Vitamins and Herbs

Vitamin deficiencies are pretty common nowadays. With the fast world we live in, no one has the time to intake nutrition the natural way. Many people choose to switch to healthier and natural alternatives for better living. Vitamins and herbal supplements are an important part of a healthy lifestyle and for runners, there are all the more important. Runners expend a large amount of energy daily and if their body needs are not met, it can affect their efficiency and performance.

When you are running, you are also using up essential vitamins and minerals. Thus, vitamin herbal tablets need to be a part of your diet. In this blog, we are going to talk about the best vitamin and herbal supplements you need to add to your diet to maintain and enhance your athletic performance.

Vitamins and Herbs that are Essential for Runners

These supplements are commonly consumed in the form of vitamin herbs capsules and vitamin herbs tablets. Below are the most required vitamin and herbs to make sure you are meeting your body’s needs.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 helps in boosting your immunity and make sure that your nervous system is functioning properly. It helps reduce tiredness and fatigue and hence is essential for runners. If you feel extremely tired after a run, your body might be lacking in vitamin B12. For vegans and vegetarians, the vita HD multivitamin that contains B12 is an excellent dietary choice.


This Sanskrit word that translates to ‘smell of a horse’ is beneficial for runners. You can take ashwagandha herbal supplements in the form of powder or tablets. It helps in improving concentration, reducing inflammation, and can lower cortisol levels. This herb also acts as a natural stress reliever for athletes and people with an active lifestyle.

Vitamin D

The most common vitamin body deficiency nowadays is vitamin D. if you have stiff joints and dull bone aches, you might be suffering from this deficiency. Especially in cold weather, your body can lack vitamin D, and hence, vitamin herbs tablets containing vitamin D are essential. It also helps in maintaining bone health which is crucial for runners.


Known for improving overall body stamina, Shilajit is another important herb for runners and athletes. Go for the vita HD multivitamin or a vitamin herbs capsule containing this ancient herb to relieve your body after a strenuous exercise. It helps spread free radicals in the body and improves overall cell functions.


Popularly known as the “wonder vitamin”, zinc supports our metabolism and boosts immunity. It is also important for proper body healing and brain health. Hence, runners and athletes need to consume this vitamin. If you are experiencing a decreased sense of smell and taste or skin rashes and hair loss, you might be having a zinc deficiency.

Zinc works great with Vitamin A & C and you can buy our HD Vita C blend of chewable tablets to fulfill your body deficiencies. We also have a wide range of vitamin and herbal supplements in the form of capsules, soft gels, and tablets. Check out our Vita HD multivitamins range at HealthDoqtor.


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