Introduction to Email Parsing Software and Why Using this tool is Essential?

Introduction to Email Parsing Software and Why Using this tool is Essential?

Emails are not simple text messages, they’re filled with a lot of crucial information. This statement holds more value for business-related emails. Because they have email addresses for sales, customer service, and marketing departments, and on every email, they receive valuable customer information. It won’t be wrong to say that businesses get more leads from emails. For example, when someone signs up for your newsletter or webinar, their information ends in the email inbox. The problem is all this information either remains unnoticed in the inbox or someone has to extract it manually. What benefits if the leads are not going to the CRM or marketing automation platform? This whole scenario is just missing a data parsing, therefore, we’re going to give you an introduction to Email parsing software. Read this blog thoroughly to learn more.


Features of An Ideal Email Parsing Software

The market for email parsing software is limited, and it’s pretty hard to find the software that works as per your requirements. An ideal data parsing software must have the following features for parsing text from email perfectly.

  • Ability to identify which information is need to be extracted from email

When someone sends an email, it contains raw data & all of this information is not worth going into CRM. There are some tools that allow you to extract specific data from inbound emails by creating parsing rules. For example, SuiteCRM Email to Lead has a feature called mapping rules. With this, you can extract desired data like Name, Case ID, or literally any information. This enhances the accuracy and only pulls out data that is required.

  • Easy to use, set up, and modify

We assume a sizable chunk of people who are going to use are from the sales, marketing, and customer service departments. They need an application with a small learning curve and easy to deploy and use. A user-friendly application with minimal configuration would be ideal. But it doesn’t mean they compromise on the customization and inability to use regex for data processing. So while looking for an Email to Lead, you also have to make sure of this.

  • Security and Spam Detection

Nowadays security is the utmost concern. You may have heard of phishing, spyware, spam, etc sent via email and sometimes it costs a fortune to the company. Therefore, you should go for software with integrated security features. Again, we are going to give you the example of Email to Lead. It has two layers of security. First, you can justify the spam email by identifying the keywords within it. Second, you can allow only emails coming from pre-defined authorized domains will parse and create records in your system.


The Conclusion

Here we have answered the most common query related to email parsing, i.e. “I want to create records from web form”. The automation tools like this are the need of the hour. You don’t want to be stuck in redundant tasks like email scrapping and data scrapping. Fortunately, there are ready-to-use solutions available in the market.

I am Aashna Khanna, Marketing Specialist at OutRight Store, a marketplace for CRM tools. We build SuiteCRM and SugarCRM plugins that can be the perfect ones for your project. You will get a 3-Day Risk-Free trial, free installation and configuration, and lifetime support. We have plugins for email and SMS automation, integration with other business applications, and everything in between.

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