Is it good to pay someone to do my economics homework?

Is it good to pay someone to do my economics homework?

Homework has existed as long as the suffering of students has. Something that started as a spiteful punishment for underperforming students has mutated into a tradition that binds students into a compulsion. Students worldwide are expected to perform and grow by fulfilling this tradition to its fullest extent. At the same time, the fruits that one bears from doing homework can also not be denied at all. Especially when it comes to a topic like Economics homework.

Economics is a vast subject that has many complicated ideas attached to it. Grappling all of them with all the other subjects can be difficult. Hence you might not be wrong to seek economics homework help.

So the question remains. “Can it be justified to pay someone to do homework? ”

Let us look at the clauses mentioned below:


A student’s life is a myriad of events. These events scale from the obvious going through the study material, to practices, social events with known ones, etc. Student life is full of growth and monotonous excitement. It is brazen with so much, that many find it hard to find a balance in it.

Some of the things students have to keep a tab of are:

  1. Keeping up to date with the class
  2. Completing all the assignments on time
  3. Revisions of the class materials
  4. Keeping a good and healthy social life
  5. Participating in extra-curricular activities to ensure holistic development
  6. keep themselves mentally healthy.

These are only a fraction of the activities that a student has to go through. The little aforementioned list does not even capture the actual magnitude of these activities.

Homework takes up a lot of time among all these activities. I guess any student can relate to the statement coming.

More often than not, homework is needlessly tedious, time taking, and hard. Students barely get any time to do other activities. Homework takes up all the time that they may want to reserve for other tasks. Hence, sometimes, people decide to seek out homework help.

But it will be unfair to suggest taking an action without measuring both sides of the coin

Cons of paying someone to do your homework:

  1. You will be missing the entire point of the homework:

Whatever the punishing reason for inventing might have been; the modern world follows the tradition for a reason. The reason is- in its more traditional form, homework works like a revision in itself. The world is moving fast, and education has to catch up with it. Teachers tend to rush through the syllabus and it makes it difficult for students to catch up all in one go. Teachers often move on to the next topic in a hurry to finish the syllabus. This leaves many students to end up scratching their heads about the concepts. Oftentimes, homework is given with the purpose of revision. Revision makes the concepts clearer and better. So if someone tries to skip homework, they miss out on the beneficial motive.

2. You can become too lazy and dependent.:

If people get a taste of something easy, they often seek that way out more. Even if it is harmful in the longer run. If one finds an easy way out to seek economics homework help, like seeking someone to do their homework for them, they can become addicted to it. Not to mention, you may start to seek leisure more while someone else is hard at your job. Once this becomes a vicious cycle, the learning process goes into limbo.

3. You will lose your credibility:

If you are making someone else do your work for you, it is only granted that you will present it to the class. Consequently, you are taking ownership of the work you did not do. If your reason for not doing the homework was a genuine lack of clarity on the topic; chances are you still do not understand it. Hence despite your homework being completed, and you taking credit for it, it is not yours. In this case, you are taking credit for something you didn’t do and don’t understand. If your teacher asks you about it, you will not be able to answer correctly and will be caught. This will severely damage your credibility in the eyes of everyone.

4. It is not easy finding a reliable source:

Finding someone who can do your task correctly is a tough affair in itself. The Internet is full of money mongers. They are there just to fish out as much cash as possible from you, even if the product they produce is sub-par or no product at all. All they need is to faithfully take advantage of your situation. This makes finding the right choice for someone who can do your homework faithfully with the right money a nightmare. One wrong step, you might end up wasting a lot of money and time with zero homework results at all.

Since we have talked about cons, let us talk about pros now.


1. You will get your work done:

Most websites that provide online homework help on the internet understand the concept of a deadline. Hence, most likely, if you play your cards right. You will get your work done on time. One of the other positive things is that these websites are familiar with their target audience. Since they are familiar with their target audience, they know that students are not the richest community in the world. Consequently, generally speaking, the costs of having your homework done will not be much.

2. You will get the chance to improve:

Since someone else is busy at your work, this gives you the window to understanding the topic properly. You can do multiple revisions and catch up with the concepts taught in class. So, when your teacher asks you about it, you can confidently present the answers. This will be very helpful for your confidence and knowledge base.

3. You will get time for other activities:

Since someone else is doing your homework, you will get the much-needed and deserved break. You can use this break to relax and get some peace in your mind. Moments of peace in this relentless and never stopping world are very important for mental health. Other than this, you can also take your time to hone your other skills. Previously, homework was taking all your time, now you can make a change. You can dedicate your free time to all those productive and helpful activities that make you grow as a person.

So here it is folks, We have presented you with both sides of the coins. All the pros and cons stand in their own right and are all valid. Considering these beforehand and gauging everything properly before making any decision is necessary.

Good luck!

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