ISC Online Classes: Expectation vs. Reality

ISC Online Classes: Expectation vs. Reality

ISC online classes have brought a revolution in the lives of ISC students. The flexibility to learn comfortably from home is what every student wishes for these days.

ISC board is one of the most competitive boards. Therefore, students need the perfect guidance and expert advice to ace their exams. An online platform like ours provides quality ISC class 12 online classes to the students to better their exam scores.

Many students and parents might believe that online classes cannot live up to their expectations. However, the truth is in contradiction to this belief. Quality tutors at Ziyyara’s online tuition for ISC board can help students prepare for their upcoming exams.

Here, we will assess some of your expectations from ISC online tuition classes. While we do so, we shall also apprise you of the reality of tuition classes with us.

Expectation #1: Boring, Monotonous Classes

Talking about online tuition for ISC student can make anyone picture a dull class. You might think that since you are learning from home, your lectures will be boring.

But, our ISC tuition online tutors are experts in engaging the students in the following ways:

  •     Our tutors give regular homework exercises to the students to keep them engaged.
  •     They ensure they give personal attention to every student. So, there is no chance of a student feeling left out as in conventional classes.
  •     Our educators for ISC online tuition class conduct various fun sessions. They also make the students engage in various productive activities. These activities expand the horizons of their mind and make them better at learning.

Expectation #2: No Possibility of Making Up For Missed Lectures

 Usually, you miss out a lot in your traditional classrooms if you are absent yourself for a day. Some people believe the same for the ISC online tuition class. They think that if they skip a lesson or two, this is the end of the world for them.

However, this expectation does not have any truth in it. On the contrary, many students opt for the ISC online classes only because of the learning flexibility.

Our team of educators is one of the best that leaves no stone unturned for your success. They have utter dedication and willingness to serve their students the best in the following ways.

  •   Skipping even one day of ISC class 12 online classes can become an expensive affair.  If the student or the tutor is not available, you can coordinate with our team to reschedule the class.
  •   They allow you the flexibility to choose a class timing that suits you. You can attend a class whenever you get the time so that you never skip a lecture.
  •   You can clear your conceptual knowledge and doubts whenever they arise. Our tutors are more than happy to help you clear your head of any doubts.

There can be times when you have already studied a topic but still face trouble with conceptual knowledge. In such situations, you can request your tutor to provide you with the recorded lectures. You can revise the lecture and clear the doubts about the topic. 

Expectation #3: Unaffordable classes

Online tuition for ISC board has hype in the market. It might make you think that these classes are out of your reach. Many students and parents have budget restraints, keeping them from thinking about online tuition classes.

Something gaining momentum in the surroundings does not always have to be expensive. We want all the students to gain access to quality tutors. That is why we provide you with ISC online tuition classes at the most affordable price.

Fortunately, you don’t have to empty your wallet to gain expert guidance and quality education. You can do it within a few bucks at our online education platform.

Expectation #4: Limited access to resources

 Just like the internet offers you a sea of information, our tutors offer you access to additional resources. Many of you might believe that you can learn only from your textbooks. However, our tutors are always willing to help you exercise your brain. They provide you with more resources other than your textbooks.

 With their help, you can, 

  •     Finish your textbook syllabus on time. 
  •     Prepare for your board exams in ISC online tuition class.
  •     Solve numerous previous years’ papers and sample papers.
  •     Become better in the weak subjects and improve your test score.

Expectation #5: No information or touch with the tutor

 We loved traditional classes because it connects the students and the tutors. Students believe that ISC online classes will not be able to serve their needs. It is particularly true for the students who study and learn better from the tutors whom they know personally.

Our tutors constantly endeavor to bridge this gap and make you comfortable in online classes. They ensure that,

  •     They regularly give feedback to the students which help them and students to know the weak points.
  •     They guide the students to score well in exams and become a good human in life.
  •   They give you personal attention and try to build a better foundation for your weak subjects.

Our ISC online tuition classes are one of the best you can find. You only need to enroll yourself today to enjoy online learning.

Here are some additional benefits that the students can enjoy throughout the learning process.

  •     You can enjoy the services of professional tutors having years of experience in their subjects.
  •     Our ISC class 12 online classes will bring you peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about completing your syllabus as our tutors take the responsibility for that.
  •     They make you proficient in your weak subjects and help you become confident. This confidence will take you places in life and help you score better in exams.


ISC online tuition classes can be a topic of debate for many people. However, with the changing times, the quality of education has become better.

Ziyyara has brought about a revolution for the students. Our ISC tuition online tutors dedicate themselves to making learning interesting for you. They can help you achieve your desired score in your class 12 exams, provided you work hard with them.


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