Key requirements for admission to graduate programs at EMU

Key requirements for admission to graduate programs at EMU

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) is one of the popular universities in North Cyprus. For students who are looking for an opportunity that their own native universities don’t offer, the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus provides a wide array of opportunities.

If you are one of the graduate study aspirants looking for options of graduate study destinations, consider North Cyprus because of a simple admission process with little to no complications. EMU has numerous Masters and Ph.D. options for passionate aspirants.

This article aims to introduce you to the admission requirements of graduate admission at the eastern Mediterranean university in North Cyprus.

Key admission requirements for graduate study at EMU

Are you one the prospective students who want to understand the admission process and basic requirements to get into your desired Master’s program at EMU, you are at the right place right now. Never start a process without forming a sound understanding of the process so as to avoid any mishaps along the process.

Following are the admission requirements you must not lose sight of:

1.       Documents and evidence

Documents provide the basic evidence that you need to submit to any university for further education. For graduate admission at EMU, you need to provide your official transcript of previous degrees, whether it is the bachelor’s or Master’s level. Make sure there is a grade or marking table showing the system of grading followed by the institution that provided the degree.

You need to provide the attested copies of all diplomas you have received from any university. Make sure you also provide the documentation related to the standardized tests you have undertaken for example, the language proficiency tests.

2.       Finances and assistances

When you apply for foreign Study, the most important worry is the finances, whether it is the tuition fee or cost of living. The cost of living in north Cyprus is highly affordable, and the chance of getting financial assistance at the EMU with the help of Study abroad consultants in Islamabad is very high.

The tuition fee is 370 euros per course. Hence the cost of your degree will depend upon the number of courses you take in the course of your degree program. A general Master’s degree comprises of six to eight courses.

3.       Language requirements

Since the mode of communication for all the masters and Ph.D. programs in English, you have to provide proof of proficiency in the English language. If you do not have a standardized test score to provide as proof of proficiency, you will need to go through an exam at EMU, which will assess whether you are exempt from the Standard English Language Support program or need to take it before starting further Study.

It will also provide the verdict of whether you will need to take English language deficiency courses with the graduate studies at the EMU. You may even need to intensive English learning courses to be fully able to understand the English course curriculum and not remain behind your batch mates.

4.       Eligibility criterion

The admissions office accepts applications twice a year, i.e., fall and spring semesters. When admission opens, the relevant department’s webpage can be visited for deadlines and specific instructions on eligibility. If you are applying for Ph.D. programs, the primary requirement is that you must possess a Master’s degree.

For admission to a master’s program with a thesis track, you need to have a valid ALES score or have attempted GRE or GMAT.

5.       Application and evaluation

EMU’s website provides an online application option for you, like most good universities in the world. The department evaluates the application you apply to. Institute of Graduate Studies and Research makes the final decision regarding your selection or rejection.

Before waiting for the result, be sure that your application is complete in every way. Get your application reviewed by the professional Study abroad consultants in Islamabad to ensure your success in the process. You will then receive the final verdict via email from the Registrar’s office.

Aiming for graduate admission in EMU?

Well, it’s good to be sure of your decision, but it is always better to make an informed decision. The points listed above will help you gain a significant perspective on the requirements for graduate admission at the EMU. While you are getting the hang of admission requirements, be sure of your career goals and the area of specialization. Make sure you have carried out an adequate amount of research before deciding on your desired masters or Ph.D. degree.

Once you gain significant clarity on that, collect all your documents, update your CV, and get passport sized pictures photographed so as to avoid hassle at the time of application submission.

Lastly, do not forget the role of a professional education consultant in the due process.


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