Know Everything About the Skilled Migration Visa 190

Know Everything About the Skilled Migration Visa 190

International applicants who are planning to stay in Australia as permanent residents can apply for the visa subclass 190 without thinking twice. The reason for which this is said is due to the numerous benefits it provides. But, the most significant benefit which you can expect from the skilled nominated visa subclass 190 is that it ensures a permanent residency for the applicant, thereby, increasing his/her probability to live in some of the most prominent metropolitan areas of Australia. However, since the visa subclass 190 is a permanent residency visa, so, you must be nominated by an Australian territory/state, so as to apply for the said visa successfully.

What can you do with this visa?

After you have applied for the visa subclass 190 and, have obtained it successfully, it lets you do some of the following things.

  • The 190 visa allows you to stay and work in Australia permanently.
  • You can also study in Australia with this visa.
  • If you want to apply for Australian citizenship, you can also do that with your 190 visas.
  • With the visa subclass 190, you can also travel to and from Australia as many times as you want according to your personal wish, that also for the first 5 years.
  • Also, get yourself enroll for Medicare, a prominent healthcare scheme of Australia with the skilled nominated visa 190.

However, these were some of the general benefits which you can expect from the visa subclass 190, and they may change a bit according to each of the areas/territories of Australia, for which you have been selected.

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Can you bring your family members with the 190 visa?

Yes, you can bring certain family members with you while holding the visa subclass 190, but, only on one condition. Australia grants permission for all the holders of the visa subclass 190 to bring their family members along with them, only if they agree to abide by each of the rules and regulations of the Australian legal protocol properly.

How to apply?

Although it may appear a bit complex,, applying for the 190 skilled visa is quite easy and simple. All you need to do is to meet a couple of requirements effectively in a step-by-step manner, and, get ready to make the best use of your 190 visa. Some of these steps are as follows.

Step 1: Meeting the eligibility criteria

To begin with, you must choose a relevant occupation included in the Medium to Long-term Strategic Skills List, aside from meeting some of the eligibility requirements given below.

  • You will have to be less than 45 years.
  • You should also obtain the desired score of 65 points or may be a bit more if required to qualify in your skills assessment test successfully.
  • Before applying, you will also have to prove an optimal competency in the English language. For this, you are going to appear for the IELTS test, and, need to qualify in that successfully by securing the required score of 6 in total.
  • Complying with all the health requirements is also consider an essential criterion before you apply for the visa subclass 190.
  • Meet the desired character requirements in the proper and expected way before the application procedure of your visa 190 starts.

Apart from this, you should not have a record of any of your Australian visas will refuse/cancel to ensure a successful application of your visa subclass 190.

Step 2: Compliance with the skills assessment

As already told above meeting the skills assessment requirement forms an essential part to ensure a successful application of your visa subclass 190. For this, you must appear for a substantial Skills assessment test and obtain the desire score in it which was already mention in your letter of invitation.

Step 3: Submit an EOI via a SkillSelect

Subsequently, you will require to submit an Expression of Interest to the Australian immigration department via a specific SkillSelect. This will help you to prove all the necessary skills and qualifications pertaining to the occupation for which you have been chosen. In order to do this successfully, you will have to answer a number of questions asked by your concern SkillSelect body.

Step 4: it’s time to get your letter of invitation

The fourth step of your visa application includes your nomination a particular Australian state/territory. So, after you have submitted your Expression of Interest to the Department of Home Affairs, and, if the concerned SkillSelect body feels that all your provided skills and qualifications are in accordance to a specific Australian occupation, then, they will send you a letter of invitation. This in return will pave your way to apply for your 190 visa without any doubt or hesitation.

Step 5: Now apply for your 190 visa

So, once you obtain your letter of invitation, and, have already been chosen to work under a specific Australian employer, you can now apply for your skilled nominated work visa 190 within the next 60 days, accompane by the submission of some of these documents given below.

  • Documents that prove the result of your English language test.
  • Substantial reference letters issued by your former employer/employers.
  • All the documents which prove your skills and qualifications.
  • Essential documents which prove your relationship status with your marital or de facto partner.
  • Two colored passport-sized photos
  • Submission of all those documents which prove your identity as authentic is also important.
  • A valid application form of your visa subclass 190.
  • A substantial document that proves your Skill Assessment Report etc.

So, once your visa gets approve, you will have to wait for some time, at times as long as 3 months for your visa to get process.

Who can help?

Hence, if you also want to apply for the 190 skilled visa to stay in Australia permanently, then, you must opt for professional assistance. In this regard, a proficient Immigration Agent Adelaide is ready to provide you a comprehensive service, right from asking you to gather the right documents until the successful completion of your visa application. So, get in touch with the best migration agent in Adelaide today and obtain your visa in the most successful manner.


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