Methods On How To Get A Medical Card In CT

Methods On How To Get A Medical Card In CT

Connecticut state requires you to have a medical marijuana qualifying ailment to use medical marijuana legally. With a qualifying disorder, you can start the application process. The only way of accessing medical marijuana card in Connecticut is with a medical cannabis card. Recreational cannabis users are not allowed to grow marijuana plants until July 2023. Therefore it is still worth applying for a medical marijuana card in C.T. because it has no age limitations and many other benefits. This article will discuss how to get a medical card in ct read on.

How to Obtain a Medical Marijuana Card in C.T.?

1. Schedule an Appointment With Your Cannabis Doctor

The initial step in getting a medical cannabis card in Connecticut is getting a license certification from a licensed doctor. This is to help discuss the potential qualifying ailment. You must offer your valid email address and telephone number during this session when getting the certification. Suppose the physician approves your condition. Furthermore, they will register you with the state’s medical cannabis program.

2. Complete Your Medical Cannabis Application Online

First, your medical cannabis doctor will initiate the registration process. They will log into a secure online system to certify you. Once your physician has submitted the certification electronically, you will access the website. Also, the same applies to the primary caregiver if you nominate one. After you are registered online, you will need to verify that the details entered by your doctor are valid. You will as well be required to answer a few questions. After that, you can then proceed with your medical marijuana online application.

3. Finalize the I.D. Verification and Payments

Once you have completed the online application, you will offer proof of identity and residency before making the payments. The following are the documents that require:-

  • The proof of identity; examples of identity proofs are a valid driver’s license, a U.S. passport, or a certificate of naturalization.
  • Proof of Residency; to prove you are a citizen of Connecticut, you need to show documents with your name and residence dated in the last 90 days. Accepted materials include a computer–created bill from a utility company, a bank, or a Medicare benefit statement.

4. How Long Does a Medical Cannabis Card Take in C.T.?

Medical marijuana card in C.T. takes up to 30 days to process. It is usually much faster than this. Generally, if you don’t receive your medical marijuana card in three weeks, you should contact the medical marijuana program. You can ease things by using my marijuana cards website. Further, this company helps in ensuring you benefit from online consultation. Typically the meeting will take up to 15 minutes to complete.

5. Primary Caregiver Application Process

Suppose the patient is a minor; they will need a caregiver. Moreover, the caregiver registers with the state’s department of health administration. Here the primary caregiver must provide a valid email address and their main telephone number. Afterward, they will generate an account with the Connecticut online medical marijuana portal. Also, the caregiver will have to answer a few questions, submit an I.D., and pay a $25 registration fee.


The program on how to get a medical card in Connecticut is well established and easy to apply. The first thing is to schedule an in-person consultation session with a licensed medical cannabis physician or use the my marijuana cards website to talk to the doctor and complete that application online. After your card arrives, you can purchase medical marijuana at licensed dispensaries. Even though recreational cannabis is legal in this state, its sales might take some time to be effective.



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