Miro Software vs Monday Software  Review 2022

Miro Software vs Monday Software  Review 2022

The Miro software has been created as a way of resolving conflicts that emerge when remote and distributed teams are unable to overcome communication silos. The Miro tool was first introduced as a whiteboard collaborative platform in 2011 that simplified the requirements of a remote workspace. Meanwhile, the Monday software was created in 2012 and it aims to make the task management process easier.  

The following is a brief review of Miro software vs Monday software features. 

Miro Software 

It has become crucial to find sustainable modes of communication, as well as collaboration, so remote or distributed teams can work without facing challenges that follow online work. The Miro software claims to be a visual collaborative whiteboard tool and provides several features for collaborative tasks. Here is how Miro has revolutionized the online workspace for creative teams: 

    1. Product Management

First of all, the Miro project management can be used to streamline product sales. First of all, you can strategize roadmaps for the product while retaining space for flexible shifts in time and other aspects. The Miro tool focuses on business goals rather than deadlines. Therefore, your focus naturally shifts to delivering the best product rather than just delivering what is ready on a certain day.

You can even document the product vision step by step to stay aligned with the goals. It is also helpful to have the company intel on a single platform rather than having to refer to different platforms. You can manage research, forms, or prioritized lists in a single place so that all the team members stay connected to the processes.

   2. Marketing Solutions

The marketing solutions provided by the Miro software implement values like empathy to promote the growth of the community. Therefore, before building or executing a marketing strategy, you can ensure that it is centered around the requirements of customers.

Moreover, once you outlined what needs to be done, you can align the stakeholders with the goals. This will prevent bugs and issues in the future. Likewise, you can consolidate information, research, and interviews in a single place to be able to shape a strategy that is satisfactory to your customers as well.

For marketing purposes, Miro ensures that different teams are able to connect with each other and share important data about the customers. Similarly, you can integrate all your information points that can use to create journey maps as well.

   3. UX & Design

First of all, the Miro software can use to track bugs where the UX and Design features are concerned. It will help you establish a transparent system of communication with the end-users and share insights as well. You can capture all the integral details when you have conversations with your current or potential customers so that they can use them to design a product that your community seeks. You can easily map key KRs to identify what issues currently prevail and how to resolve them efficiently.

Miro Pricing

There are five Miro pricing options available to users. The free pricing option has 3 editable boards and several premade templates. It can be used to get started with work as soon as you join. Additionally, it is also able to support some of the most valuable integrations required for daily task management like Slack, One Drive, Zapier, Microsoft Teams, and several others.

On the other hand, the Team payment option is priced at $8 and the business plan costs $16. In order to have enterprise-grade features, you can opt for a special plan that designs to meet the requirements of large-scale businesses. The consultant plan is available to support the requirements of collaborative tasks and it costs $12.

Monday Software  

The Monday software focuses on bringing solutions for task management, app development, and team collaboration as well. The Monday software has quite a few features that showcase its capacity to overcome issues pertaining to the aforementioned management requirements:

    1. Marketing

Let’s discuss the features provided by the Monday software. It can utilize to streamline as well as enhance marketing strategy for the business. The first and foremost element integrated by the project management software Monday is an overview. The high-level overview is able to display details about the ongoing campaigns to help you gain knowledge about where they stand and what could improve for a higher success rate.

Similarly, you will be able to automate workflows and therefore your campaign-related tasks too. The campaign management tools include the ability to inform the team about the top-performing keywords as well as deadlines.

It is quite simple to share the relevant details with creative and campaign teams. Tools such as annotations, versioning, and forms are quite helpful in briefly yet effectively communicating the project details.

   2. Development

There are equally helpful tools available for app development. The ability to entirely customize the processes and workflows gives you the chance to develop tailor-made interfaces. You can create columns for components such as:

  • Priority
  • Status
  • Sync tasks

You can, additionally, sync commits directly through your code repository as well as auto-assign tasks. The option to automate tasks creates the margin to focus on executive tasks rather than wasting time on repetitive manual details.

   3. Project Management

The project management software Monday naturally integrates numerous tools to bring cohesion in your tasks. You can manage all the processes through a single software since you will retain the power to build custom dashboards, get insights to identify bottlenecks, and also assign team members. Customizable forms can utilize to make items or lists within boards for a comprehensive view of all the information. Since you can even track the progress and check status updates, it is easy to keep track of activity.

Monday Pricing

The Monday pricing plan is available in the form of five options starting with a subscription plan that is entirely free of cost. While Monday’s free plan can accommodate individuals, it also features the option for enterprise-grade features.


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